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Top 10 Facts: EFY Design Contest

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Top 10 Facts: EFY Design Contest

1. Major awards are open with NO restriction on application or technology of the design.

2. You can submit any of YOUR designs–past, present or future–for this contest. But, these designs must be the original work of the participant(s). Any designs copied from EFY or other publications/websites will be cancelled at which-ever stage the offence is detected.

3. EFY does NOT require you to seek any official permission from your organisation or academic institution, unless restricted by your agreement with them, when participating in the design contest in individual capacity.

4. Individuals–be it professionals (including academicians) or students can compete for FREE–no entry charges!

5. Only organisations or academic institutions need to pay Rs 2499 per entry (design/abstract).

6. You can submit as many abstracts/designs as possible, but it will be up to the judges to select your best abstracts/designs in the final list of competing designs.

7. EFY aims to use the winning designs to share knowledge and expertise with readers of its publications and websites, and hence will expect publishing rights of all winning designs with their code, schematics, etc.

8. There are a total of 52 awards, with award money exceeding Rs 7 lakhs. More award categories may get announced during the course of the event. Cash awards will be given after deduction of taxes, if any, based on laws of India.

9. All entries will be automatically eligible for their respective major award categories. Plus, an entry can be eligible for multiple Special Category awards.

10. EFY is organising this contest, on good-faith basis, to recognise and reward talented design engineers, and to share their knowledge and expertise with others. There will be NO liability on EFY for any financial loss suffered by an individual or an organisation because of anyone’s participation in this design contest.