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Why Read Publications

“Web helps you find what you want to know.
Publications help you discover what you don’t know, but need to know”

– EFY’s Editorial Team’s Content Philosophy

With the rising use of Internet, we are often asked—why should anyone read a publication? Our answer is simple…

Internet is a great medium to find information on a subject you are interested in. A publication on the other hand remains your best option to discover those subjects that you are unaware about, but are worthy of your attention.

Publications, like other ‘broadcast’ mediums offer the following advantages:

Research: Journalists interact with industry and experts to find out important trends, so you don’t have to

Selection: Given limited pages, a panel of experts select the best content for you—so you get to see only the most important and relevant information

Convenience: The content comes to you—you don’t have to search for it

No Hidden Costs: You don’t have to pay any additional expenses like bandwidth charges or registration fee

Save Time: Overall, the entire value proposition is about expertise, time saving and convenience

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