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World’s Top 100 Electronics Component Brands?

EFY Group’s mission is to enable ‘informed technology decisions’. We keep looking for areas where there’s an information gap, and try and fill those. With so many mergers and acquisitions happening in the electronics components’ space, it became difficult for us to figure out who are the biggies right now. So, we started searching for a list that would rank global leaders in terms of their annual sales turnover. There seem to be such lists available with leading research and database firms but they are not publicly available. In the spirit of ‘open source’, we decided to build such a list ourselves, with help of our community, and share it publicly. YOU can be part of this community too, and help us further improve this list.


  1. Compliance to Media Ethics:
    We have NOT charged any organisation for listing them on this list titled Electronics For You’s Top 100 Electronics Components Brands.

  2. It’s NOT Perfect:
    The current list is a BETA list, where we make NO guarantee that it’s comprehensive or entirely accurate. In fact, if your firm should be featured here—send us an email at [email protected] along with your financials, and we will be happy to update the list.

  3. Last Reported Turnover:
    We have ranked the organisations based on their last disclosed turnover that we could find on the Internet. If any firm has shared any results recently, please share the same with us too, so we can update the same.

  4. Conversion to US Dollar:
    We have shared the last reported turnover (rounded off to US$ Billion) along with the last financial year for which it was reported.

  5. Currency Fluctuations:
    For turnovers reported in non-US-Dollar currencies, we have converted them using current US$ rates, and hence there could be significant differences in value due to fluctuations in currency rates.

  6. Electronics For You:
    That’s the name of our flagship publication. Our organisation’s name (EFY Group) is also based on its title. Electronics For You  influences technology-related decisions of more than half-a-million audience every month—thanks to its combination of print, e-zine, website and social media properties.

  7. Creative Commons:
    This list is being released under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons’ license, which allows you to share it, re-publish it, as long as you are attributing it to the original source and not modifying the name of this list in any manner.


We have realised that while there’s a lot of talk around major B2C players (like Apple), the B2B players do not get their fair share of recognition. Being, entrenched in the electronics B2B eco-system, we hope to change that in our area of influence at least. Thus, while, we will continue to improve and update this list, we will be attempting to publish more lists in the near future—such as: leading test & measurement equipment brands, leading electronics manufacturing service providers (EMS & ODM), leading manufacturing equipment suppliers, etc.