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Our Values

What are the values that EFY stands for? What are the values that form the basis of our decisions?

These questions may seem un-important infront of many others one has to answer while trying to manage day-to-day operations and drive growth for all stake-holders. But, we believe that after finalising an organisations’ Vision and Mission, this is the second most important aspect one needs to work upon to build an organisation that has its own soul, and can survive and thrive, despite change in leadership.

Here are the FIVE Values that are important to us:

1. Technology Drives Us:
This value stands for our firm belief that technology is a major enabler in current times. The right use of technology can uplift an individual, a community, an organisation or even a nation. When we commit to this value, we commit to doing our best to bridge the gap between creators of technology and those who can benefit from it.

2. Do RemarkABLE:
Simply stated, whatever you do, do it so well that others find it Remark + able, which in other words means “worthy of making a remark about”. This one value encompasses many values centred around excellence, leadership, customer delight, such as: innovation & creativity, customer centricity, passion for growth, under promise and over deliver, lead by example, and more.

3. Respect & Dignity for All:
The very basic fibre of our culture, where everyone is treated with respect–be it the peon or the head of a department. Everyone’s work and contribution is valued, thus building a feeling of openness and fairness, resulting in collaboration and teamwork.

4. Be Positive:
This value reminds us to focus on the positives despite all ods. To build on our strengths. To focus on improving our best rather than worrying about our competitors. It’s based on the universal truth–we all have flaws–but focusing on them won’t achieve anything. Instead working on our strengths could turn our flaws into strength too.

5. Socially Responsible:
An aspect that’s good to talk about but difficult to deliver. As a media organisation, we are by default expected to be socially responsible–and not a firm that’s driven by quarter-to-quarter results. But besides generating RemarkABLE and maintaining ethics in the content we deliver, we can do more.

These values are mere words if we don’t act upon them. Thus, a key KRA for all EFYians is to abide by these values and to promote the same through every action and decision.

If YOU ever find our actions not adhering to any of these values, please feel free to write to us at [email protected]