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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a FEE to participate in Electronics For You’s Design Contest?

A. Participation is FREE for those participating at the individual level i.e. not representing any organisation or educational institution.

However, for those representing an organisation, there’s a fee of Rs 2499 per project submission.

Q. Can you further explain the difference between Individual and Organisational participant’s categories?

A. Sure.

Individual categories are where individuals or teams can participate without being nominated by their organisation or educational institutions. They will be representing themselves, and all reviews, comments, etc will be focused on them only, and will not mention their organisation or institution. These are ‘FREE to participate’ categories.

The following TWO types of participants can participate individually, for FREE:

1. Professionals: those working in an organisation including academic institutions

2. Students (those who are studying in school or college AND have not worked professionally anywhere)

Organisational categories are those, where the participants are representing a particular organisation or an academic institution. In their case, their victory will reflect the victory of the organisation they are representing, and all mention of winners, including trophies and citations, will have a mention of their organisation too. These are paid participation with a fee of Rs 2499 per entry.

The following TWO types of participants are expected to be there in the Organisational categories:

1. Academic Institutions (students, academicians, other members of staff representing an educational institution)

2. Organisations (any working professionals representing any type of organisation—design-house, OEM, trader, etc)

Q. Why are there FOUR different categories of participants?
A. At EFY we believe giving a level playing field to participants means that participants with access to different resources must compete at different levels. For example a design engineer working at an MNC may have access to a lot more resources than a student studying in Class 12.
Q. How do we have 50-plus Awards here? Can you share the details?

A. Allow us to share the list of awards that can be won in the Electronics For You Electronics Design Contest:

A. 12 Design Awards: #1, #2 and #3 for the Four categories: Professionals, Students, Academic Institutions and Organisations.

B. 10 Application Awards: Two awards for each application category, and with FIVE application categories—there are a total of 10 awards to be won.

There is a slight different in the Application Awards. Here students of both types will compete with each other—those as individuals and those representing their institutions.

Similarly, professionals (both individuals and those representing organisation) will also compete with each other for these awards.

C. Next Top 30 Awards: Except those designs that win the above 22 awards, all other designs, across all categories of participants, will compete for these awards.

Q. Is there any difference between Design Awards and Application Awards?
A. Actually NO. The only difference is that any design be eligible for a Design Award. It’s an open category. For application awards, only those designs that match a particular application can be eligible.
Q. So, can a design win multiple awards?
A. Yes. For example a great design on a Solar-cum-LED project could not only win a Design Award, but also an LED application Award and a Solar application award.
Q. Why is there a fee on participants representing an Organisation?
A. Because, organisations can get direct commercial benefits from such a win. And, this also seems to be the best model for the contest to fund itself, rather than depend on sponsors.
Q. Can I participate even if my college or my organisation has nominated a separate individual or a team for the contest?
A. YES. You can participate at an individual level, and prove yourself.
Q. How do we submit our ideas/abstracts?
A. You will be able to submit the same through our website: Here, you will need to register yourself (and your team), and share your idea/abstract?
Q. What if we find out later that we could not develop the idea proposed through abstract–can we change it later and submit a different project?
A. In such a case our tech team would review the reasons why you could not submit the project and which project do you want to.
Q. Why is there a submission of abstracts? Why not ask for designs/prototypes straight away?
A. Good question. The submission of abstracts is basically aimed to help the participants understand whether they should go the full length to make a proto-type or their idea is not amongst the Top 250 Ideas to get selected. These Top 250 contestants would then be expected to develop their projects further and submit their prototypes for review.
Q. How can I submit my design/prototype? Do I have to courier the whole project?
A. You can record a video and upload it on our website through your login. Our judges will typically watch the video and conduct a telecon with you to understand the workings. They might ask you for a LIVE video-chat too. In rare cases, they may ask you to send the prototype to us, for a detailed review. Of course, if you desire, you are free to send us the entire proto-type for review.
Q. Will all winners get an opportunity to demonstrate their design at EFY Expo 2014?
A. All categories of winners (except the Next Top 30) will be eligible to get a demo booth for free at EFY Expo 2014. However, the final decision will be taken by our team based on what you are actually able to demonstrate at the expo. Some of the “Next Top 30″ winners may also be invited to demonstrate depending on the “excitement” factor around their design.
Q. Do winners have to pay anything to demo my project at EFY Expo 2014?
A. There is NO fee for the demo booth, but you will have to handle your stay and travel costs for EFY Expo, if interested.
Q. Any benefit for those amongst the Top 250 who don’t become a Winner?
A. They will be awarded a Certificate stating that their idea was amongst the Top 250 Designs. Plus, if selected, their design will be published by EFY in its magazine or website, along with the byline of the contestant.
Q. Are there any restrictions w.r.t. age, gender, education, nationality, work-experience, etc w.r.t. participating in this contest?

A. No restrictions on these lines. You could be of any age, any educational background, could be working in any field, based out of any nation–as long as you have an interest in electronics, and want to participate in this Design Contest–our doors are open.

Having said that, we have created FOUR different categories of participants, where each category of participants will compete amongst themselves.

Q. So can foreign nationals also participate in this design contest?

A. YES! It’s open to design engineers from across the world who want to compete with India’s talented design engineers. It is “India’s Biggest Electronics Design Awards” and not “Biggest Electronics Design Awards for Indians”. This is also the “World’s Most Open Design Contest”, hence we want to reduce as many restrictions as possible.

We strongly believe that India’s talent needs to get exposed at a global level, and this competition aims to be a small step in that direction.

Q. What is this Contest all about?
A. This contest is about recognising the Best Talent in Electronics Design. It’s an “open” contest, where we have removed typical restrictions and allowed anyone and everyone to participate.
Q. What is the Eligibility Criteria for the Contest?
A. The Contest is open to any individual or group of individuals, having an interest in electronics.
Q. How do I enter the Contest?
A. All Participants must register themselves at and obtain a Registration ID – Login/Password and then submit their abstracts to be considered for the same. Click here to register.
Q. We are a Team/ Group. Can we enter the Contest?
A. Yes, you can enter this contest as an individual, a team or as a representative of an organisation or an academic institution.
Q. Is there a cap to the Group/ Team members?
A. There is NO limitation to the number of members in a group or a team, but the ideally the strength should not exceed 4 to 5 members.
Q. For the Group/Team, will all the 4 members have to register?
A. For the group/team, the group/team leader can register and submit abstract on the group/team’s behalf, however we would require names of all members.
Q. What is an Abstract and what do I need to include in the same?
A. The term “Abstract” refers to a synopsis of the Project (approx 500 words). We have drafted a set of questions to help you prepare a good abstract, which you can access after logging onto your account, after registration is complete.
Q. Is there a limit on the No. of Abstracts I can submit?

A. No. You can submit as many abstracts (entries) as you may wish.

While it’s a free facility for those participating in an individual capacity, those representing an organisation will have to pay Rs 2499 per abstract (entry).

Q. How and when do I get to know if my Abstract is selected?
A. You would be sent an Email (on the email-ID provided by you while registration) confirming the selection of your abstract. Also, you can check after << >> for results of Top 250.
Q. OK, my Abstract is selected. What now?
A. CONGRATULATIONS! You have just passed the 1st level. Now, you should start working on the project to develop and submit a prototype as soon as possible.
Q. Any benefit for submitting the prototype earlier?
A. There are extra points earned for being amongst the first 50 to submit projects. Plus, the first 50 will get a free Electronics For You collared t-shirt worth Rs 499.
Q. When can I start working on my project?
A. You can start working on your project from tomorrow. However, many may want to wait till their abstracts are notified as Top 250.
Q. Will I get Technical support to complete my Project?
A. While you are free to seek support from anyone, the EFY team will not be providing any technical support with respect to development of your project. However, for any queries about the design contest–we would be happy to clear your doubts.
Q. What all do I need to include in the Project/Entry submission ?

A. For any Entry to be accepted, it should include an abstract, video of working model, and source code collectively. Click here for more details. Please use youtube/Vimeo to upload video and send us the URL.

Q. Who owns the IP rights of the Project?
A. The design and project remain the IP of the participant. However, all winners must agree to sign a separate agreement granting the Electronics For You exclusive, assignable, full-publication rights of the Contest project if they win.
Q. Can you tell me more about the Best Open Source Project Prize?
A. Open Source promotes universal access to and redistribution of a product’s design or blue print, including subsequent improvements to it by anyone. The term open source covers a number of licensing models, including GNU (General Public License) where any derivative work is licensed under the same terms which in turn make them free to use, modify and distribute. The free use has led to a rapid development pace and greater uptake among users and in honour of this movement. The participant(s) who sign off their project as GPL, only will be eligible for this award.
Q. Will I get the full amount with respect to Prize money announced?
A. The prize money that you won is liable to deductions like taxes, fees, duties, levies, etc.
Q. How would the entries be judged?
A. While the final parameters for selection will be finalised by the judges, we can share some of the common ones: Originality, Design Optimization, Technical Merit, Cost Effectiveness and Usefulness contribute to judging for Grand Prize(s). Other criteria like Efficacy, Usability, Application Area, Hardware/Software Optimization will also be very much considered.
Q. Where can I see the results?
A. We will be periodically sending emails to all participants updating them about on the progress of this contest. Plus, details will also be shared on the contest’s website.
Q. What are the reasons that can lead to my disqualification from entering or winning the contest ?

A. Some of the reasons for cancellation of your entry can be:

a) Fake identities and fake registrations are not allowed and subject to disqualification.

b) Copying and plagiarizing the ideas: Each Project entered in the Contest must be the original work and sole and exclusive property of the person or team who submits it or the participant must have written legal permission from the property owner.

c) Ill-practices and unnecessary disputes may lead to disqualification.

d) Incomplete documentations: Incomplete, illegible, or defaced Entries will be rejected.

e) Submissions after deadline has passed: Entries should be submitted in digital format by uploading the ZIP file using login or burnt in a CD which needs to reach us, on or before the last day of submission.

Organiser or Organising partners are not responsible for any loss/damage/any payment for courier of hard copy digital submissions not received on time.