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Want To Dive Deep Into The World Of Raspberry Pi? Here’s The Way To Go!

Electronics For You magazine’s section titled ‘Do-It-Yourself’ is aimed at providing step-by-step, comprehensive information about the functioning of Raspberry Pi.

Ever wondered about all that you can do with the credit-card sized computer Raspberry Pi? Well, Electronics For You, South Asia’s most popular electronics magazine, has some really interesting answers. Keeping in mind the tech buzz and enthusiasm for this $35 computer, Electronics For You has started a dedicated series of articles on Raspberry Pi.

The section titled ‘Do-It-Yourself’ is aimed at providing step-by-step, comprehensive information about the functioning of Raspberry Pi and all that can be done with this ‘magical’ PC. So, even if you do not have an electronics background, you can play around with this computer and make the most of it.

The first article in the series titled, ‘Getting Started With Raspberry Pi’, has been published in the April issue of the magazine. The article offers details on how the credit-card sized computer, which was developed to promote computer science, proved to be a pleasant diversion from the monotonous computing world. How, with a Raspberry Pi in hand, robotics is no more an advanced imaginary field of highly qualified and serious people but a world inhabited by everyday tech enthusiasts like you. It also throws light on how you can get your Raspberry Pi up and running.

The second article of the series, published in the May issue of the magazine, talks about setting up a ‘Network for Raspberry Pi’. The article discusses how to set up wired and wireless networks for Raspberry Pi. Topics like ‘How to connect Raspberry Pi to the Internet using a 10/100 Ethernet or wireless adaptor and run using the in-built browsers’, and ‘How to develop interesting applications on Raspberry Pi using the Internet’ have been covered in the article.

Watch out for the June issue of the magazine for more on this computer. The subsequent articles in the series include, ‘Raspberry Pi – Data Input Plus Switches Output’ and ‘Remote Access With Raspberry Pi’. Commenting on the importance of the ‘Raspberry Pi’ series, Ramesh Chopra, founder and vice chairman, Electronics For You Group, said, “Raspberry Pi is very much in vogue and has been successful in creating a revolution of sorts. Taking it to the next level, we aim at making this small-sized computer a device for everyone. We hope that the series will help even people with a non-technical background get their hands on this amazing innovation.”

Yet another interesting series coming up in Electronics For You is ‘The Internet of Things’ (IoT). The first article in the series, which will soon start, will cover what an IoT is, which technologies make it possible, has the actual ‘Age of IoT’ arrived or not, use of IoT in different fields, the future of the technology, et al.

A lot more is packed into the magazine for the techie in you. So grab the latest issue of Electronics For You and get going!

About Electronics For You: The EFY Group’s first magazine, Electronics For You, was launched in January 1969, when the Indian electronics industry was still at a nascent stage. Today, it has grown into South Asia’s most popular electronics magazine. In fact, the name ‘EFY Group’ has been coined from the abbreviation of this magazine’s title. The magazine’s goal is to keep the electronics fraternity updated with the latest technical knowledge. It also keeps hobbyists busy with the circuit ideas and construction projects it carries month after month. And it helps end users decide on which electronic product to buy when they enter a shopping mall. The CD that accompanies each issue of this magazine carries a host of useful software and games.

About the EFY Group: Over the last four decades, the EFY Group has become synonymous with information on cutting-edge technology. Today, this renowned media group is spread across eight cities in India, and caters to over two million techies spread across the globe.

Its print publications not only reach every nook and corner of India–our mailing list has over 6,000 zip codes–but are also read by techies in South Asian countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Afghanistan. The Group is also amongst the few Indian publishers to have its publications distributed in Singapore and Malaysia.

The online communities of the Group provide tech content to readers from all across the globe. The Group’s online portfolio includes some global leaders, such as:,,, and Plus, the Group manages three social media (Facebook) communities, which are global leaders in their respective domains. These include:, and

Recently, the Group launched digital editions of its publications to make them easily accessible to readers all across the globe. The Group’s digital publications are now available in all popular platforms including iOS (Apple), Android, Kindle and e-zine (a Web browser). The Group has also tied up with leading online distributors including Amazon, Scoop, PocketMags, Zinio, Magzter, etc.

The events division of the Group was strengthened with the launch of the Electronics For You Expo in 2011. Now, the group boasts of a strong portfolio of events including the EFY Readers’ Choice Awards, ELCINA-EFY Awards, Electronics Rocks, EFY Design Engineers’ Conference, and Open Source India.

The Group’s passion for technology and its expertise in knowledge-sharing is now being channelled into building a strong hands-on training programme through the EFY Tech Center. The Tech Center is working with the industry and academia to create industry-ready engineers.

The Group has set itself the target of empowering and helping 10 million techies, across the globe, by 2015, and it is investing heavily on growing its online communities and increasing the number of readers of its digital publications to achieve this goal.

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