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Wanna Profit with EFY? launched

How do we share our insights with marketers? How can we help our clients succeed?

Those were the questions that kept haunting us–as we developed content for this website:

This is a corporate website, and aimed at providing info to our customers.

But, we have two different sets of customers, like all media firms, and each has very different expectations.

Our primary customer are our ‘audiences’ who consume our content–be it our publications, websites, social media communities, or events. If they were not with us, we wouldn’t be able to provide any value to our second set of customers–the marketers.

They are the ones who want to communicate with our audiences. And, they are the ones who actually pay our salaries.

So how do we have one website that caters to both the audiences who seek knowledge, and marketers who seek marketing solutions?

Our bet: have two separate websites.

Thus, the launch of Profit with EFY dot com. Nice name–no? has been designed to cater to marketers of B2B tech industry. It features content that B2B tech marketers will find useful. Plus, there are details about our marketing solutions, and services.

Do check it out, and let us know how we can improve further.

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