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Seminar on RoHS Compliant Electronics Manufacturing at Pragati Maidan

The Seminar Will Explain RoHS Regulations, how to Optimise key Processes, the Potential Problems at Each Stage of Manufacturing and how to Avoid Them

Electronics Bazaar magazine, an EFY Group publication, is organising a seminar on RoHS Compliant Electronics Manufacturing: Challenges, Solutions & Opportunities, on Feb. 21, 2013, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, 2 pm onwards. The seminar is a part of the third edition of the mega exhibition – EFY Expo 2013, being held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Lead-free assembly has an impact on design, manufacture and the potential reliability of electronic products. Although the fundamental production processes do not change, the process parameters do, and a number of issues may arise which in turn can affect yields. This seminar will provide practical insights into the inspection criteria, the changes that will take place in the process conditions and how to monitor the process to get the highest yields.

The seminar will explain RoHS regulations, how to optimise key processes, the potential problems at each stage of manufacturing and how to avoid them. It will also discuss using the right technology to reduce costs. More importantly, it will discuss the impact of lead-free manufacturing on business opportunities in overseas markets as well as in India.

The seminar has 4 sessions, namely:

  • RoHS’ impact on business opportunities
  • Impact of RoHS regulations on electronics products
  • Challenges of supporting RoHS/lead-free assembly on the shop floor and possible solutions
  • Latest technologies and manufacturing equipment to manufacture RoHS compliant electronics

The seminar will be addressed by eminent industry leaders like:

  • Dr. Varalakshmy Chaudhari, manager, sustainability services, SGS India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Suresh Shanmugam , engineering leader for chemicals industry, UL India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dr. NR Munirathnam, scientist & head, ultra pure materials division & RoHS group, Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), Government of India
  • BN Shukla, business unit manager, Jabil Circuit India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ravikumar Swamy , manager, global product environmental compliance management, RoHS/REACH program, Vishay Components India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tobias Van Rossem , area sales manager, soldering systems and printing machines, ERSA GmbH

About Electronics Bazaar:

Launched in 2007, Electronics Bazaar magazine, a publication of EFY Group, is today South Asia’s NO. 1 electronics B2B sourcing magazine. It is a treasure trove of information related to manufacturers, buyers, dealers and distributors dealing in electronics products and hardware. It gives a complete insight of the electronics B2B market. To know the current trends, latest products, new technologies, new manufacturing facilities, emerging sectors, etc, Electronics Bazaar is the ideal B2B magazine.

About EFY Expo:

The Electronics For You Expo is a unique electronics event that focuses not only on “components” and “manufacturing equipment”, but on the entire ecosystem for electronics in India. To build a comprehensive platform for the electronics industry, the EFY Expo puts together everything that an electronics event should provide-from innovation (new technology) and product design, to manufacturing and product sales. Visitors at this expo range from innovators and design engineers, to manufacturers and B2B buyers. Over the past 43 years, the EFY Group has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology. Today, this renowned media group is spread across 8 locations catering to the intellectual needs of a diverse readership across India and abroad.

About EFY Group:

Over the last four decades, the EFY Group has become synonymous with information on cutting-edge technology. Today, this renowned media group is spread across eight cities of India, and caters to over two million techies spread across the globe.

Its print publications not only reach every nook and corner of India–our mailing list has over 6,000 zip-codes–but are also read by techies in South Asian countries, like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Afghanistan. The Group is also amongst the few Indian publishers to have its publications distributed in Singapore and Malaysia.

The online communities of the Group provide tech content to readers from all across the globe. The Group’s online portfolio includes some global leaders, such as:,,, and Plus, the Group manages three social media (Facebook) communities, which are global leaders in their respective domains. These include:, and

Recently, the Group launched digital editions of its publications to make them easily accessible to readers all across the globe. The Group’s digital publications are now available in all popular platforms including iOS (Apple), Android, Kindle and e-zine (web browser). The Group has also tied up with leading online distributors including Amazon, Scoop, PocketMags, Zinio, Magzter, etc.

The events division of the Group was strengthened with the launch of Electronics For You Expo in 2011. Now, the group boasts of a strong portfolio of events including EFY Readers’ Choice Awards, ELCINA-EFY Awards, Electronics Rocks, EFY Design Engineers’ Conference, and Open Source India.

The Group’s passion for technology and its expertise in knowledge-sharing is now being channeled into building a strong hands-on training programme through the EFY Tech Center. The Tech Center is working with the industry and academia to create industry-ready engineers.

The Group has set itself the target of empowering and helping 10 million techies, across the globe, by 2015, and it’s investing heavily on growing the online communities and increasing the number of readers of its digital publications to achieve the goal.

Primary Media Contact: Srabani Sen , [email protected], 91-98-99809240

Secondary Media Contact: Diksha P Gupta, [email protected], 91-97-17854520

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