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The Electronics For You Prize Was Awarded on the 60th Institute Day of IIT-Madras

The award ceremony is held every year to encourage students to innovate, design and create solutions that will help the nation at large

This year, the prestigious ‘Electronics For You Prize’was awarded at the 60th Institute Day of Indian Institute of Technology – Madras on 22nd April 2019 (Monday), 4.00 p.m., at the Student Activities Centre [SAC], IIT Madras campus.

The award was introduced by Ramesh Chopra, founder and chairman of Electronics For You Group, in 2012 with the purpose to encourage students to innovate and create as engineers that will help the nation at large. In fact, the inception of Electronics For You magazine came while Chopra was a student at IIT Madras.

Earlier the ‘Electronics For You Prize’ was given to the best dual-degree (B Tech and M Tech) electrical engineering (Microelectronics and VLSI) student eligible each year. From 2017, after the withdrawal of the Microelectronics and VLSI stream, it is being given annually to the best eligible student of dual degree (BS and MS) Physics.

This year the IIT-M prizes and awards committee has adjudged Sri Saran V,  dual degree (B.S & M.S) Physics, as the best student eligible for “Electronics for you Prize” instituted by the EFY Group.

Sri Saran expressed his gratitude towards EFY Group for conferring him with the prestigious prize. While talking about his success, he shared his journey with us and acknowledged IIT Madras for shaping up his career. “I joined IIT Madras with the dream of pursuing a career in Physics. The campus opened out to me wide opportunities to explore my passion. The faculties working here are top notch researchers in frontier areas in Physics”.

He mentions the academic lectures and further discussions by the faculty members helped enhance his further interest. The well-structured academic calendar provides students with long vacations which can be utilised for projects and internships. “This helps me to work on current research problems and also get in touch with research scholars in that field”, said Saran.

When we asked about his future roadmap from here, tech enthusiast Saran said, “Currently I am in my fourth year of the five-year Dual Degree Physics program and I am planning to pursue research in Physics after my graduation”.

Chopra expressed his happiness of this award becoming an annual event at the organisation to acknowledge the best student. On this day, Chopra on behalf of EFY and himself, wished all these students a very bright future ahead!

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