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OSI 2013 Takes Open Source Technology To A New Level!

The first day of Open Source India 2013 was a real delight for the open source lovers. Interesting discussions, workshops and interactions with the community and industry experts made the experience enlightening and enriching for the techies present at the event. Open Source India 2013, popularly known as OSI Days, is a three-day event, which started on Monday. The event focused on topics related to increasing usage and applicability of open source technology in the lives of individuals as well as enterprises. The 10th edition of OSI Days will bid farewell on 13 November 2013.The day began with the keynote address from Sreehari Seetharamashastry, MD, Attachmate India Development Centre. He talked about ‘Open Source – The Way Forward’, where he discussed how FOSS has changed the ‘technological outlook’ in many sectors across the country and will continue to do so in future as well. He also mentioned how future managers will look for deeper knowledge of open source technologies while hiring in the near future.

Open source technology has reached places and how! The two successful stories of and Atul Ltd. spoke volumes about how FOSS has helped companies save a major chunk of their IT budgets and get freedom from vendor lock-ins. An insightful yet interactive session by Lux Rao, CTO, HP – Technological Services, India, was another highlight of the show. During his session, Rao made the audience brainstorm on ‘New Style Of IT’.

Catering to the newer opportunities for developers, the first day of OSI 2013 had a lot to offer. Focusing on the hottest mobile app development trend, a separate track and workshops were organised for the mobile app developers. Ujjwal Kumar, technical evangelist, Microsoft India, shared his insights on how gaming has changed the development landscape.

Android, being one of the most popular open source properties, dominated the show, with respect to interactions, discussions and workshops. Speakers including Durgadoss, software engineer, Intel Corporation and Pooja Maheshwari, Technical Architect, Impetus Infotech (India) Pvt India Ltd shared their technical insights Android app development.

Apart from the industry experts/professionals, a lot of newbies made to the event, to have a close look and feel of the FOSS environment. And they did get a fair dose of it as well. Speaking about the event, Ramesh Chopra, executive chairman, EFY Group, said, “Open Source India is growing bigger and better with every edition. This year’s OSI Days is proving to be a platform for fruitful discussions and interactions amongst the industry and community dignitaries and the quality audience that has made to the event.”

Day 2: OSI Days 2013 (A GLIMPSE)

Day 2 of OSI 2013 ( will be big for IT managers and developers. If you are planning to venture or are already dealing with the phenomenon called Cloud, Day 2 of Open Source India 2013, is for you. Tristan Goode, board director, OpenStack Foundation, will talk about ‘Getting Started With OpenStack Development’. Dr Kumar Saurabh, chief architect, cloud computing, Tech Mahindra and Dr Rajeev Papneja, COO, ESDS Software Solution Pvt Ltd, will share their insights on how open source is a key driver of cloud revolution. Android app development will continue to be a major highlight of the show even on Day 2. So if you have missed Day 1, do make sure that you attend the remaining two days of Asia’s largest open source convention, to enjoy and learn in the company of like minded open source enthusiasts.

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