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Launched: EFY Design Contest 2013!

EFY Design Contest 2013 has been announced on 5th October at Electronics Rocks 2013, and it’s website went LIVE on 15th October–that’s when electronics enthusiasts can start getting details about the Design Contest. This contest will end with demonstration of winning projects at EFY Expo 2014 (20th to 22nd Feb, 2014 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi).

This is the one of the most “open” design contests in the world of electronics, where anyone can participate and present a design on any application using any technology!

Key highlights of EFY Design Contest include:

1. This contest has 22 major awards where prize money ranges between Rs 50,000 to Rs 25,000, and 30 awards for the next 30 contestants, who will get Rs 10,000 each

2. Overall, 52 awards worth Rs 7.5 lakhs to begin with

3. The top 12 are open awards, that is, anyone can submit a design on any application using any technology or components

4. The next 10 are based on specific application or technologies, ex: Best Raspberry Pi Project (use of a particular technology) OR Best Solar or LED Project (specific application)

5. There are 4 separate categories of contestants–(i) professionals, (ii) students, (iii) organisations and (iv) educational institutions

6. While entries for these awards are open to contestants from all nations, we expect maximum entries from India for the 2013 contest