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Is Print Media Dying in India Too?

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We realise that print media is facing a lot of head-winds across the globe, and many reputed brands have shut shop or turned fully digital.

To be able to reply to this question with credence, and more importantly–prepare ourselves for the future, we decided to review various reports from industry experts on print media’s health in India. We also wanted to understand–if this an across-the-board trend or are their genres (within print) which are bucking this trend?

The Good News

Thankfully, what emerged was “good news” for us—and we wanted to share the same with YOU.

Click here to download a small presentation that we have put together regarding this topic, to help YOU make an informed decision.

PS: If you are interested in finding more about Media Consumption trends, you may also want to check out extracts of ELCINA-IMRB Report on Media Consumption Patters Within India’s Electronics Industry.