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Promoting Chinese Investments in India’s Electronics Sector

EFY has partnered with China’s leading electronics trade-show ELEXCON to create to promote investments in India’s electronics sector. ELEXCON is being held from 21st to 23rd December, 2017 at ShenZhen Exhibition Centre. It’s co-located with Embedded Expo 2017, and boasts of 600-plus exhibitors spread across 60,000 square meters and visited by 50,000+ business visitors.

As part of this partnership, ELEXCON is promoting a senior-level business conference on the 22nd of December to be held at one of the top business conference facilities at the venue.

The Conference

The conference is titled, “India’s Electronics Market: Opportunities & Challenges”. ELEXCON team is promoting this half-day conference among its exhibitors and business visitors. It is expected to be attended by 150 to 200 business decision-makers and investors from China, who are interested in expanding their business in India’s electronics sector. The conference will be followed by B2B meetings between Indian firms and Chinese firms–interested in working with each other.


If you are interested in participating in this event to explore a partnership opportunity, send an email at [email protected] along with brief details about your organisation and what type of partner do you seek.


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Opportunities & Challenges


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