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EFY Publications Are a Hit on Reliance Jio

All publications of EFY Group have been available on Reliance Jio’s magazine app since launch of its mobile service in India. Reliance Jio has a separate app called JioMags which can be downloaded for free from app stores of Andoroid and iOS, but its usage is restricted to Jio users. All three–Electronics For You, Open Source For You and Electronics Bazaar are listed under the Technology category of magazine, in this app.

Reliance Jio pays EFY (through its content syndication partner) a share of the bandwidth revenue it earns when any user downloads a digital edition of an EFY publication.

Based on the reports we have received for the first two quarters, Electronics For You and Open Source For You have been garnering tremendous readership through this platform. One of the key reasons behind the fast adoption of the digital edition on Reliance Jio’s network seems to be the super high data speed encountered by its users. Tests across our offices have shown our magazines downloading within few seconds and the user interface fast and simple enough that you can start reading even the last story within 2-3 seconds of clicking of the title.

All these gains have happened without us informing anyone about this development. Interestingly, this post is the first public announcement of this development.

But, we have realised the potential that Reliance Jio offers–and we intend to drive a steep gain in readership by promoting this development more aggressively. Shortly, we will also introduce more interactive forms of advertising, so that our advertisers don’t only benefit from the increased readership but are also able to take advantage of the more ‘interactive’ nature of the digital edition.

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