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New Section for Promotion of Deals & Offers in Electronics For You

Our readers are always seeking good discount offers and promo schemes. Many of you have such offers, but need a great platform to promote them to the right audience. Presenting a Win-Win-Win solution for all of us…

  1. Want to promote a special offer on your products or services?
  2. Would like to target the combined audience of Electronics For You (print & e-zine), electronics for you EXPRESS and newsletters?
  3. Seek a super budget-friendly option to do it?

If your replied YES to all 3 questions, then you should seek details of the newly launched Deals & Offers section in Electronics For You and electronics for you EXPRESS (efy XP).

Herein, you get fixed coupon-sized ad spaces, through which you can promote your discounts offers, deals, or even promo codes for events, etc.

These coupons will not only get published in Electronics For You and efy XP, but will also be emailed to over 100K recipients of newsletters.

For all the combined benefits–the rates are unbelievably low!

There’s an Intro Offer for the first 100 clients!

INTERESTED? Simply contact us at [email protected] and our team member will share all the details.


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