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Call for Experts (Papers) for 2018

We have a major challenge on our hands. After being voted as World’s #1 IoT event (at—we have to keep looking for ways to better our best for, and ensure that this ‘Made in India’ event maintains its global edge.

While there’s a lot that goes into making an event a global leader, we believe its content (experts who speak) is the most important factor.

Thus, we invite experts who have actually tasted success in CREATING, INTEGRATING or DEPLOYING IOT-powered solutions.

These experts may be from a firm that creates IOT solutions, or from a system integration firm with a great case study, or better still a customer who’s already tasted benefits of IoT. We have dedicated conference tracks that highlighting IOT success stories from Industrial and Retail sector, this year. For international speakers, we are ready to facilitate their travel and stay too, if they have content that can motivate their Indian peers to invest in IOT.

Inviting Speakers for

If you know of someone who fits the bill, can you please share their details with me, or share this URL ( for them to register as a speaker?

Last but not the least, is an annual event organised by the Electronics For You Group. Its 3rd edition will be held at KTPO Trade Centre, Bengaluru from 7th to 9th Feb 2018. It features 8 different conference tracks across 3 days, which are supported by a 10,000 sqm expo where attendees can actually experience the technologies and solutions discussed at the conference.

PS: INVITE you to visit and ‘Profit from IOT’. To avoid queues at Registration Desk, please register at:

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