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6th Edition of ‘Naye Sitaarey’ Goes More Tech…

Super happy to share that our teams across departments (Sales, Editorial & Facilities teams) worked hard to ensure that the 6th edition of Naye Sitaarey went off well. And, this was despite shifting of the venue from our earlier building to the roof top of our head-quarters.

80-plus kids from nearby areas of Okhla Industrial Area turned up this time (despite holidays for Chatt Puja). While we have been training them on issues related to personal hygiene and cleanliness of surroundings (in line Swachh Bharat initiative of government of India), basic use of technology (in line with Digital India) and sharing motivational stories to build their self confidence and boost their ambitions, this time–we were able to increase the tech-quotient in the training delivered. This time, there was an in-depth class on important applications available on smartphones. Plus, another class on key components of a smartphone that they need to be aware of (or their family members)–to become informed buyers.

Overall, EFYians who lead this initiative included Jyotsna Singh, Aashima Sharma, Baisakhi Dutta, Tulip Mitra, Mameeta Sharma, Niraj Sahay, Anupriya Srivastava & Paromik Chakroborty–all under the leadership of Sanjay Banerjee. This team was supported by Tarun Rastogi, Shaukat Ali and Jot Prakash with respect to arrangement of facilities.

The Background

Naye Sitaaery is entirely an employee driven CSR initiative, where the only role that EFY plays is provision of two resources:

  1. The facilities to conduct this noble initiative
  2. The time-away-from-usual-work to drive this initiative

This initiative came into being, when during a casual discussion amongst EFYians, it was indicated that while everyone wants to do good for the society–they don’t get time (between office & home) or the right resources. A short discussion with the Board of EFY, and Sanjay managed to get support on both fronts. This was followed by a fund collection drive within EFYians–so that this initiative was self-funded by employees–and did not have to depend for any funds from the organisation or any NGO or government bodies. Rest, as they say, is history.


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