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Electronics Rocks 2012: Focus on Innovations India Needs

The First day of the Event Opened to an Audience of 1,000 Techies

India’s electronics professionals have come under a single roof at Electronics Rocks 2012, a unique event aimed at accelerating design and innovation of electronics in India. The two-day event started yesterday at Bengaluru’s NIMHANS Convention Center. The first day opened to an audience of 1,000 techies.

With 50-plus speakers spanning keynotes, tech talks, workshops, panel discussions, a wide range of electronics-related topics are to be discussed at the event, with many of the talks focusing on opportunities for electronics that India, especially rural India, presents. Some of the leading speakers are going to speak on India-specific opportunities, available for electronics entrepreneurs from areas like aerospace and defence, agriculture, renewable energy, rural households, etc. One of the presentations demonstrates how a new development board called Raspberry Pi has benefited lives of children in the village of Nithari located in the outskirts of New Delhi.

The inaugural address was given by T S Nanjunda Swamy, Ex-deputy director-reliability and components, ISRO Satellite Centre. He said, “I am glad that Electronics For You has organised for the first time in Bengaluru, the technology hub of India, a conference called Electronics Rocks 2012. Today’s programme was well planned with a brief but focused inaugural address and release of an innovative product ‘Light Tape’. I am also very happy that the Keynote Talk in the morning session was very well received by the audience comprising young talented electronic designers across the country who evinced keen interest in space electronics systems and facilitated very interesting interactive session.”

“Gadgets are everywhere. They have penetrated lives of most of us. But, still there are many in countries like India that can benefit from technology but not many are looking at them as a market. Through the ‘Inspire To Innovate’ track of the conference, we are trying to bridge the gap. At the same time, through the ‘Tech talks’ we aim to highlight the latest technologies and solutions available to electronics engineers so that they can design products better, faster and cheaper. Last but not the least, we hope to bring the experts together together and share their knowledge with their peers in the industry”, said Ramesh Chopra , Founder and Vice-chairman of the EFY Group, sharing the thought process behind the expo-cum-conference.

The evening keynote was delivered by P.S Krishnan , DS and director, ADE, DRDO.

Salient Points
– This event has been named ‘Electronics Rocks 2012’ to reflect the exciting opportunities that ‘Electronics Design’ presents.
– Electronics Rocks 2012 is a two-day event being held on 30th and 31st August 2012, at the NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru.
– The event combines an expo with the conference.

The conference will be concluded today, 31st August, by a keynote from Eben Upton , Founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation UK.

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