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Home » ‘Electronics For You Prize’ Awarded at IIT Madras!

‘Electronics For You Prize’ Awarded at IIT Madras!

Vaishnavi‘Electronics For You Prize’ Awarded at IIT Madras Again!

An annual award is given away at IIT Madras under the brand of Electronics For You.

This award is given amongst a series of awards handed over to achievers from the institute every year, as part of their annual function. This year, the Prizes & Awards Committee at IIT Madras has adjudged Ms G V S Vaishnavi, EE10B124, Dual Degree, Electrical Engineering (Microelectronics & VLSI Design) as the best student eligible for “Electronics For You Prize”.

EFY has a special connection with IIT Madras, as our founder (Mr Ramesh Chopra) graduated as an Engineer from this premium institute and it was here where he conceived the idea to start our flagship publication–Electronics For You.