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Electronics Bazaar on Pause

who moved my cheese

Who Moved My Cheese?

That’s the title of this lovely book that anyone who’s facing this question—should read. Your cheese maybe your profession, your goals, your business—but if it’s been affected, you may want to read this book on how to handle the change.

One of the important lessons of that book is that when our cheese moves, we have to forget the past and find new cheese. At Electronics For You, too, we’ve realised that it’s time we made some key decisions and focused all our energy on fewer products, which have the potential to become global leaders.

Therefore, we have decided to pause publication of our B2B magazine—Electronics Bazaar.

Instead we will focus all our resources in building the CXO section of Electronics For You magazine and our website:

We believe that this decision will enable us to double our efforts on growing Electronics For You to world’s #1 publication—especially thanks to the growing acceptance of its e-zine edition. And,, which has already experienced tremendous growth in the last few months, will become a leader in the B2B space.

For the subscribers of Electronics Bazaar who have supported the magazine over all these years. there are three options to choose from: (1) shift to Electronics For You, (2) extend your existing Electronics For You subscription OR (3) get your balance money back.

For the advertisers of Electronics Bazaar: In case you have a contract or were planning to advertise in Electronics Bazaar in the coming issues, do review investing in the CXO section of Electronics For You starting with its November issue, which will cover some of the popular content that was carried in Electronics Bazaar. We have a good offer for you too.

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