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EFY’s RISC Conference Inspires Progress on IoT Security

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BANGALOREJune 22, 2017

It is a widely acknowledged truth that any engineer building a product must want to secure it to the best of his capabilities. But what if those capabilities are not enough? The number of IoT devices is on the rise and these are working autonomously, connected always, with human intervention for repairs only. How easy it is to access them? Are they password protected? Is the encryption algorithm strong enough? Is the hardware susceptible to vulnerabilities?

Engineers and anyone who wants to master the skills needed to secure Internet of Things devices that have the potential to transform the technology world joined in to collaborate and learn from gurus at EFY Conferences’ ‘Real-world IoT Security Conference’ (RISC) 2017. Techies left inspired by valuable connections, solutions and new ideas they discovered at RISC ’17.

EFY announced an extraordinary program, which featured sessions including:

– IoT Security: Preventing a Global Disaster from TwelveDot Canada

– Best Practices to Secure IoT Devices and its Ecosystem from Philips HealthTech

– How to Implement Secure Coding for IoT from Liverpool Data Research Associates

– How NOT to Implement Cybersecurity in Industrial IoT from Cyber Intelligence, ABB Corporate Research Center

– How to Protect Your Device from Hardware Trojans from NIT Rourkela

– Workshop: Hacking IoT Devices 101 – Pentester Edition from Attify

– Workshop: Early Detection of Security Vulnerability in IoT Devices from LDRA.

– Panel Discussion on Security Threats in IoT paradigm – A Hype? or a Scary Reality? – Moderated by Narang N. Kishor from Narnix Technolabs

– Panel Discussion on What are the Biggest IoT Security Threats, and How do we Tackle Them? – Moderated by Kaustubha Parkhi, Techgradient

The event website is at

The event brought to light the status of IoT systems around the globe and the vulnerabilities in the systems. Experts also shared their first-hand experiences with vulnerable systems and the steps they took to fortify said systems. Updating to the latest protocols, encrypting data with top of the line encryption techniques and not overdoing the systems seem to be the consensus. Only through safe and secure systems can we look at reliable systems in the future.

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