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EFY’s monthly ‘Top 10 Community Contributors’ announced!

On May 5th, Electronics For You announced its ‘Top 10 Community Contributors’ for April 2015. These winners were chosen from EFY’s ‘Electronics Design Community’ on Facebook and ‘Electronics Talk’ forum.

Ramesh Chopra, executive chairman, Electronics For You, said, “Month on month, the steeping feedback and responses from readers and community members at the forum and the Facebook page is overwhelming. On behalf of EFY, I thank our readers for helping us grow a level futher with their invaluable contribution. And as a token of thanks here are the winners of April’s top 10 contributors. We at EFY hope this love from our readers will soon spread to our other communities too!”

The winners for April 2015 are:

Electronics Design Community (Facebook page)

  1. Subhash Chandra – from Dubai
  2. Kevin Fitzpatrick – From Batavia, Illinois
  3. Archie Tamayo
  4. Vishvesh Vivek Mishra
  5. Nitesh Bhosale

Electronics Talk Forum

  1. Tariq Awni Alzuhluf
  2. Rushiraj Jawale
  3. mkbutan
  4. Generic Person
  5. dkm_2k

The contest

EFY awards prizes to its top 10 contributors to motivate them and others to help the community. These enthusiasts answer questions on electronics, provide solutions to problems thrown up in discussions, and generally support the community. These 10 winners receive a ‘gift catalogue’ to pick a prize of their choice from a list that includes:

  1. Emergency mobile chargers (Green Power)
  2. Philips hair dryers
  3. Folding lamps with an alarm clock
  4. Tabletop Power Plus lamps
  5. Portable mobile chargers (4400mAh)
  6. Tabletop stereo speakers

For the top international contributors, EFY gives away a six-month subscription to the e-zine, absolutely free! This means they can access their favourite magazine on the go, from any part of the world!

To win a prize in this monthly contest, just follow and contribute to EFY’s Electronics Design Community on Facebook and at the Electronics Talk forum.

To subscribe to the e-zine separately, visit:

About the EFY design community

TheFacebook page of this community is powered by the EFY Group, the publishers of Electronics For You magazine and the web portal It caters to the electronics fraternity, and its aim is to initiate discussions on the latest technology and trends, and to share knowledge. With around 7.8 million followers, it is the biggest community on electronics design and engineering in the world.

About the EFY Group

Over the last four decades, the EFY Group has become synonymous with information on cutting-edge technology. Today, this renowned media group is spread across eight cities in India, and caters to over two million techies spread across the globe.

Its print publications not only reach every nook and corner of India (its mailing list has over 6,000 zip-codes) but are also read by techies in other south Asian countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Afghanistan. The Group is also amongst the few Indian publishers to have its publications distributed in Singapore and Malaysia.

The online communities of the Group provide tech content to readers from all across the globe. The EFY Group’s online portfolio includes some global leaders, such as:

Electronicsforu []; Opensourceforu []; EFYTimes []; Electronicsb2b []; and EleB2B [].

The Group also manages various communities on social media including on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, which cater to large audiences in their respective domains. These include:


EFY’s electronics design community []; Open Source For You []; and Tablet India []

Google Plus and YouTube

Tech Drive []; andTechDrive[]


EFY India:; and Linux For You [