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EFY Launches India’s 1st Online Only Event for Tech Industry & Community

India Technology Week

What will happen to trade fairs now?

At EFY, we are struggling with the question–what will happen to trade fairs and conferences after Corona? Will things get back to normal? Or will audiences and exhibitors prefer social distancing, and thus make it challenging for event organisers like EFY to organise traditional trade fairs in the near future?

Phew! That’s a billion dollar question that’s giving many of us sleepless nights.

However, we are confident about one thing–there will always be the need for platforms where buyers and sellers can engage with each other.

And, you’ll be happy to know that your team at Electronics For You is leveraging digital technology to launch India’s first Online Only Expo for the entire technology sector—including Electronics, IT and IoT. This event has been named India Technology Week @ Home.

Since, it’s a new concept, we are planning to organise a Trial Edition in the 1st week of May, and the main edition will be held from 14th to 16th May 2020.

The Trial Edition will have a limited number of exhibitors and we will be inviting a select audience of 3,000 to 5,000 tech decision makers and influencers. Essentially, the Trial Edition will be the Proof of Concept. It will enable our audience and exhibitors to be there on our platform at the same time, try out various features together, including the option to have face-to-face interactions while working from the comforts of their homes (or offices). It will also give us an opportunity to learn from mistakes and improve the main event.

To help India’s tech industry recover from recent shocks, we’ve decided to launch this platform as a low-risk high-gain opportunity. Hence, we’ve kept the rates for exhibitors ridiculously low. If you’re amongst the first hundred (our cut-off mark for the Trial Edition)–you will get your booth at Rs 10,000 only! Plus, you get the same booth in the main edition without paying anything extra.


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