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EFY Launches A Premium Edition of Electronics For You

Electronics For You Plus has a minimum of 8 extra pages in the edition, where the reader gets to know about key software bundled in the DVD and gets tips on how to use them.

Airlines have the first class, railways too have the same, theaters have the balcony, and now a magazine launches a “plus” edition to cater to different segments!

EFY Group, India’s leading technology media house, recently announced the launch of Electronics For You Plus (EFY Plus). The launch of EFY Plus marks an innovation in the world of magazines, since this development indicates the possibility of the same title addressing different segments of customers–a phenomenon that is common in the world of consumer products but not witnessed in the world of publications.

“Electronics For You Plus is a premium version of Electronics For You magazine. EFY Plus is printed on higher quality paper, packs extra content, comes with a DVD containing software for electronics professionals, and is dispatched to subscribers through a courier service. It’s targeted at those members of the electronics fraternity who are ready to pay a premium for a premium product,” explains Ramesh Chopra , founder & publisher, Electronics For You.

While Electronics For You is priced at Rs 50, Electronics For You Plus is priced at Rs 100. The real treat is the EFY Plus DVD, which is packed with 4 GB of software, which is typically a selection of best tools for electronics professionals. A major emphasis is laid on open source and freeware software so that the readers get value for their money.

EFY Group has already started taking subscription orders for EFY PLUS. Also, there are some attractive schemes for existing subscribers who would like to upgrade their subscription scheme to EFY PLUS. For more details, please visit:

About EFY Group

Over the last four decades, the EFY Group has become synonymous with information on cutting-edge technology. Starting with its flagship publication, Electronics For You, which is South Asia’s most popular electronics magazine, the group now offers a bouquet of specialized publications like Linux For You, Facts For You and Electronics Bazaar and web portals such as,,,, and

The group also publishes directories and books, and organizes several leading technology events. The EFY Group has offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai. Besides, it has representatives in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Pune. It also has distributors in the South East Asian countries. For more information, visit

Primary Media Contact : Atul Goel , [email protected], 91-011-26810601

Secondary Media Contact : Monika Bhati ,, 91-011-26810602

SOURCE EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd

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