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EFY Brings Electronics For You Design Contest For The Engineer In You!

The contest officially begins on 15th October and will end in February 2014.

It’s all about having the right idea, the will to execute it, an apt platform to showcase it and the mind to recognise it. Well, EFY’s latest initiative called Electronics For You Design Contest is about all these and much more. So, if you have a great engineering idea and you know how to execute it, EFY group is giving you an apt platform with this design contest to showcase your talent and win accolades too.

Living up to its tagline, it is indeed ‘the most open design contest in the world’. Anyone including professionals, students, academic institutions or organisations can be a part of the contest, which was launched at the recently concluded Electronics Rocks 2013, a popular event for design engineers held in Bangalore. There is no restriction, whatsoever, on technology used or applications developed.

Interested? Here’s more! There is no participation fee for those participating at an individual level. However, for those representing an organisation, there’s a fee of Rs 2499 per project submission.

The contest officially begins on 15th October and will end in February 2014. Those interested can submit details of their ideas or extracts by 15th November, 2013. A go ahead will be given for only the top 250 ideas/extracts, whose list will be announced by 20th November. Those selected will have to submit their prototypes by 5th January, 2014, on the basis of which top 100 contestants will be selected. A panel of experts will discuss each prototype with its innovator, and 52 winners will be announced on 25th January, 2013. These winners will get an opportunity to showcase their innovations at one of the biggest electronics shows in India, EFY Expo 2014 at New Delhi, in February 2014.

Speaking about the initiative, Ramesh Chopra, editor of Electronics For You magazine, said, “We, at EFY, believe that there is immense design engineering talent in India. It is due to lack of opportunities that most of the talent remains hidden. EFY aims to give the necessary boost to that talent with this platform. This will not only help the engineers recognise their abilities but also help the companies looking for the best engineering talent.”

Here is some more information about the awards that can be won at the contest:

12 Design Awards: #1, #2 and #3 for the four categories: Professionals, Students, Academic Institutions and Organisations.

10 Application Awards: Two awards for each application category, and with five application categories-there are a total of 10 awards to be won.

There is a slight different in the Application Awards. Here students of both types (as individuals and those representing their institutions) will compete with each other.

Similarly, professionals (both individuals and those representing their organisations) will also compete with each other for such awards.

Next Top 30 Awards: Except those designs that win the above 22 awards, all other designs, across all categories of participants, will compete for these awards.

So if you want your idea to become a reality, log on to for more details and registration.

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