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An Indian Expo for the Growth of Indian Electronics Industry

The time has come for the Indian electronics fraternity to deliver on its huge potential. Many in the industry would agree that, after the success story of India’s information technology industry, it is now the turn of India’s electronics industry to take up the manufacturing challenge and prove its worth to the nation.

The government, as you know, is ready to extend its full support to the industry and if India’s electronics industry does not make good use of this opportunity, India will always remain dependent on other countries for its needs. This would be a great drain on India’s foreign exchange resources. As is now being acknowledged, if we continue to import electronics and IT products instead of manufacturing them in India, the foreign exchange we spend on these will exceed what we spend to import crude oil and its derivatives.

“ELCINA had visualised EFY Expo to be a show for promoting the electronics value chain and facilitate manufacturing, innovation, R&D and business development for the sector. There are opportunities aplenty and EFY Expo and ELCINA are committed to bring these to the industry.” says Mr Rajoo Goel, secretary general, ELCINA

The EFY Expo is now in its fourth year, thanks to the support of the electronics industry . Though we have the support of almost all the associations related to electronics in India, ELCINA-Electronic Industries Association of India is playing a very special role in the Expo and the conferences as a Knowledge & Exhibition Partner. The Department of Electronics & IT (DeitY) and, more recently, the Department of Telecom (DoT), Ministry of Communications & IT, Government of India have also played a major role in the growth of the exhibition.

The Electronics For You Expo India 2014 is being held once again at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, in February, from the 20th to 22nd of the month. Like its previous editions, many new initiatives have been added this year to provide the electronics industry with engagement opportunities and a platform to share knowledge.

Some highlights of this year’s Expo are:
▪▪ Inauguration by Shri J Satyanarayana,  secretary, Department of Electronics & IT, Government of India (Date: 20th February, 11.30 am, Hall 6)
▪▪ CEO Summit – The Second Sunrise Of India’s Electronics Industry (Date: 21st February, 10 am onwards)
▪▪ LIVE SMT LINE – Thousands of visitors lined up last year to see this one-of-its-kind DEMO. We bring it back this year with more exciting features
▪▪ Seminar on ‘How to sell to the government and best practices in public procurement’ (Date: 20th February, 10 am onwards)
▪▪ Electronics Rocks: An exciting conference for electronics design engineers on building real hardware for the Internet of Things (Date: 22nd February, 10 am to 6 pm)
▪▪ AZ obout Manufacturing of LED products in India (Date : 22nd February, 10 am – 3 pm)
▪▪ LIVE DEMO of 3D Printers
▪▪ Leading EMS firms, SMT equipment suppliers, T&M equipment suppliers, components manufacturers and distributors will be displaying the latest electronic products and services

The EFY Expo is organised by the EFY Group that publishes South Asia’s most popular electronics magazine, Electronics For You (popularly known as EFY), which is recognised by the Indian electronics industry as a publication that is integral to the growth of the sector. It has been the trusted sounding board for the industry over the last four decades.

About EFY Expo:

The Electronics For You Expo is a unique electronics event that focuses not only on “components” and “manufacturing equipment”, but on the entire ecosystem for electronics in India. To build a comprehensive platform for the electronics industry, the EFY Expo puts together everything that an electronics event should provide-from innovation (new technology) and product design, to manufacturing and product sales. Visitors at this expo range from innovators and design engineers, to manufacturers and B2B buyers.

About EFY Group:

Over the last four decades, the EFY Group has become synonymous with information on cutting-edge technology. Today, this renowned media group is spread across eight cities of India, and caters to over two million techies spread across the globe.

Its print publications not only reach every nook and corner of India–our mailing list has over 6,000 zip-codes–but are also read by techies in South Asian countries, like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Afghanistan. The Group is also amongst the few Indian publishers to have its publications distributed in Singapore and Malaysia.

The online communities of the Group provide tech content to readers from all across the globe. The Group’s online portfolio includes some global leaders, such as: [ ], [ ],[ ],[ ] and []. Plus, the Group manages three social media (Facebook) communities, which are global leaders in their respective domains. These[ ], [ ] and [ ].

Recently, the Group launched digital editions of its publications to make them easily accessible to readers all across the globe. The Group’s digital publications are now available in all popular platforms including iOS (Apple), Android, Kindle and e-zine (web browser). The Group has also tied up with leading online distributors including Amazon, Scoop, PocketMags, Zinio, Magzter, etc.

The events division of the Group was strengthened with the launch of Electronics For You Expo in 2011. Now, the group boasts of a strong portfolio of events including EFY Readers’ Choice Awards, ELCINA-EFY Awards, Electronics Rocks, EFY Design Engineers’ Conference, and Open Source India.

The Group’s passion for technology and its expertise in knowledge-sharing is now being channeled into building a strong hands-on training programme through the EFY Tech Center. The Tech Center is working with the industry and academia to create industry-ready engineers.

The Group has set itself the target of empowering and helping 10 million techies, across the globe, by 2015, and it’s investing heavily on growing the online communities and increasing the number of readers of its digital publications to achieve the goal.

Primary Media Contact: Arun Kumar Singh, [email protected], 91-8800094213

Secondary Media Contact: Praveen Singh, [email protected], 91-8800094207

Primary Media Contact: Arun Kumar Singh, [email protected], 91-8800094213

Secondary Media Contact: Praveen Singh, [email protected], 91-8800094207