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Vision of EFY Group

To discuss the vision of EFY Group, it is essential to know what’s EFY about? Are we only about pursuing revenue targets or is there something more for us to achieve? Not only do I keep asking this question to myself but many a times the ‘thinkers’ ask me this question too.

Our vision is best described by our motto, “Technology Drives Us”.

But that’s a very open statement! What does it mean? How does it define our vision? Let me explain…
This single statement conveys multiple messages.
1) The fundamental belief that “anyone” who can use the ‘right technology’ for the ‘right purpose’ will benefit more than those who don’t. These “anyone” can be you, me, an individual, an organisation or even a nation.
Thus, when we say “Technology Drives Us”, the “us” refers to anyone and everyone and the statement means that technology benefits all of us.
2) As an organisation, this statement also reflects EFY’s passion for technology. Right from its inception when Mr Ramesh Chopra thought of launching an Indian “Popular Electronics” to promote technology in India, to the recent launch of our Facebook communities and events like Electronics Rocks–a common theme that binds us, is our passion for technology. In other words’ Technology drives “EFYians” or Technology Drives EFY.
The Vision
Now, when you put these two meanings together–our vision starts to become clearer. Technology is a powerful resource. Right technology in the right hands can create a lot of benefits. We (EFY) are passionate about technology and love to share our knowledge.
So, if we can help more and more decision makers and influencers take informed decisions related to technology–then we would be contributing to a better world–a world where individuals, organisations and even nations can do more with less.