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Welcome to Electronics Rocks…

Thank You for expressing interest in our mission Electronics Rocks (aka eRocks). That’s the code-name, we have given to this initiative through which we hope to take your help to enable citizens of our nation to take informed decisions regarding appliances & consumer electronics at large…

Q. Aren’t there a lot of websites which are already doing this?
A. Yes. But, most of them are focusing on mobile phones and devices. Most of the other product categories have been ignored. We hope to change that, with your help.

Q. What are we attempting to do?
A. We are attempting to create content which is:
1. unbiased
2. technically sound
3. focused on consumer electronics & appliances

which will enable your friends, family and colleagues to be able to take informed decisions regarding purchase, use and maintenance of these products.

Q. Why are we attempting to do this?
A. Since 1969, Electronics For You has been targeting the techies and enabling them to take informed decisions. As part of our 50th anniversary (in 2019), we want to create content that can be helpful for the masses.

Of course, there could be business opportunities too–once this content becomes popular, but as of now–our goal is only to ‘enable informed decisions’.

Q. What do we mean by ‘enabling informed decisions’?
A. Our research (and experience as customers) indicates that for most of these product categories–it’s the reseller who influences what we purchase. And, this guidance can be biased, even if well-meaning.

What we intend to do is empower the end customer with sufficient knowledge BEFORE they reach the store so that they can ask the right questions and choose the right product to suit their needs.

Plus, post-purchase, how to use the products correctly (example–air purifiers should be on the floor or on a table) and how to install or maintain them–these are topics that we want to educate our audience about.

Q. What is the support we seek from you?
A. While there’s a lot of advice related to these product categories, but when questioned many don’t have technical backing but turn out to be ‘personal opinions’ or ‘this is what the trainer told us’.

Hence, we are reaching out to industry professionals like you who have the knowledge and the network to confirm facts, and suggest and review the content being planned by us.

Q. Why should you do this? What’s in it for you?
A. Frankly, this is more of a community initiative, and there are no commercial benefits attached to those who take out time to share their knowledge.

But some of the side-benefits include:
1. If you allow, we will be happy to list your name and designation, in the Credit Line of the content
2. If we use images or videos of any models of your organisation, the same will be attributed credits too
3. If you permit, we would like to list you along with your photo and designation on our website as our panel of advisors
4. You could be recognised as a subject matter expert and thought-leader in categories of your interest
4. You will enable citizens of our nation to invest their money on the right products
5. Good karma

Q. How much time do you need to invest in this? Any compulsions on you, if you say YES?
A. Since this is a community initiative, there are NO compulsions on you. If you find the topic interesting, you may invest whatever time possible. We expect most reviews to take 5 to 10 minutes. A detailed review may consume 10 to 20 minutes. That’s it.

Q. What all stages of content development will we be seeking reviews?
A. We have figured out the following stages for content review as of now:
1. Collection of points that our content should discuss
2. Review of the final list of points put together
3. Review of the final content after editing

Q. Any samples of topics to illustrate the type of content we plan to develop?
A. Yes, sure. Here are a few:

1. How to select the right air-conditioner for your home?
2. What’s new in refrigerators in the market?
3. Dos and Don’ts of using Air Purifiers
4. Features that are important in a microwave oven, and those that aren’t

Q. What kind of content will we NOT be working on?
A. Any content that can be biased. For example, we will NOT do product reviews NOR will be work on topics like Top 10 Microwave oven models.

For us–what will we be critical is–trust of our audience. We don’t want to lose that–at any cost.

Q. Can you suggest topics too?
A. Of course–yes. You’re subject matter experts. You deal with these products and their customers daily. Your opinion is very valuable to us.

Q. Can you contribute to this project on a personal level rather than professional?
A. Definitely. Whatever suits you. It’s your knowledge and expertise that we value, not your designation.

Q. What’s next? How do we start executing on this mission?
A. We assume that if you are asking this question–then you’re ready and eager to share your knowledge to enable Indians to take informed decisions.

Thereby, we request you to:

Share your email ID (personal or professional) and if comfortable–your mobile number.
2. Also, please let us know if you would like us to communicate to you:
[ ] One on one via email
[ ] Would like to join a WhatsApp group
[  ] Would like to join a LinkedIN Group
[  ] Would like to join an Email Group

Product categories (amongst consumer electronics and appliances) for which you would be comfortable talking about.

We will be creating different groups based on convenience of different members and collating data and inputs from each. You may choose to opt for multiple groups to enhance your network of professionals.

We request you to send these THREE pieces of info to [email protected] today itself.

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