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8 Reasons Why Our Readers Become Subscribers

1.       Money Back Guarantee. If our publications or our service do NOT match your expectations, then we refund your balance money*—no questions asked.

2.       Access to Digital Archive for Life! EFY Subscribers will be able to access the digital edition of the editions  you had subscribed to, for as long as our digital archive services remain—for FREE! You will be provided login credentials for our EFY’s Ezine Corner at the time of your subscription being enrolled.

3.       Access to Entire Archives for ‘Active’ Subscribers. As long as you are an “active” subscriber of EFY publications, you will not only be able to access the editions you subscribed to, but also ALL PAST EDITIONS (available in digital format) of the publication you subscribed to through EFY’s Ezine Corner.

4.       Free Access to User Friendly Mobile Apps. Thanks to our partnership with NE Mobile, our subscribers not only get access to our ezine platform, but also can use the same login to view their editions on popular mobile devices through a very user-friendly app. Simply download the NE App and use the same login credentials as EFY’s Ezine Corner.

5.       SMS & Email Alerts. Every month, we send email and SMS alerts to our subscribers to inform them that their copy has been dispatched from EFY office. This enables you to raise a complaint if you do NOT receive your copy within 15 days of receiving the alert.

6.       FREE Replacement Copies. For any complaint received from our subscribers, we send a FREE replacement copy within 3 working days. However, we can send replacement copies only for issues that are NOT more than two months old.

7.       Common Login for Ezine Platform & Mobile Apps. As indicated above, you need not manage multiple login Ids to access ezine editions or mobile apps. We have made sure that the same login details work on EFY’s Ezine Corner as well as NE Mobile App.

8.       Shift from Print to Digital. Get 40% More. You can shift from a print edition to a digital edition, and in return we will extend your subscription by 40% of the subscription period. This option is often availed by those wanting to SAVE TREES or those who face difficulty in deliveries of our copies.


  • Money Back* in a Gift Scheme is a bit complicated. Herein, we first deduct the value of the gift from your subscription payment, and then refund your balance money in proportion to the number of copies not delivered to you.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”How to Get Them?” tab_id=”1505969309130-d3c7279c-d3df”][vc_column_text]What are the various modes through which our publications are made available?

With time, magazines have evolved into publications available through various modes. You can pick them from the market, get them home-delivered, or you can even view them on your smart-phone. EFY Group realises that for it to spread the benefits of technology, we must ensure that our publications are made available though all possible modes.


Print is the natural form of all publications. While a lot of content is available for FREE on the Internet, what a print edition offers is “convenience” and a “natural user interface”. Thus, for those who do not want to handle the challenges of finding, accessing and then reading content on a digital device—the Print Edition is the best choice.


1.       News-stands: Our publications are available on news-stands across India. We have created a web-page where you can select your region and nearest resellers will be displayed along with their contact info. If you do not find any reseller listed near you, you can either order a ‘single copy by courier’ directly from us, or contact us at [email protected], and we will find and provide details as soon as possible (asap).

2.       Subscriptions: This is the FREE Home Delivery Option. Here you pay in advance, and we will keep sending you the magazine of your choice till your subscription expires. Subscriptions ensure that you do not miss any issue of our publications. Plus, depending on the offer you avail—you can earn attractive discounts, get assured gifts, etc. To ensure that readers find it easier to trust EFY to pay in advance, we have developed some unique benefits, and published them online (here)—including Money Back Guarantee!

3.       Single Copy By Courier: You can order our latest issue, and it will be dispatched on the same day through a courier. You can buy your copy through our website.


This is the latest avatar of magazines, where you can view your favourite magazine on your desktop or download an app, and view it on any mobile device. Digital editions of EFY publications are priced relatively cheaper as compared to print editions—for obvious reasons.


1.  Single Issue:  You can buy a single issue of your favourite magazine.

2.  Subscriptions: Like print, you can subscribe to multiple issues and enjoy benefits of discounts and gifts!

Electronics For You (EFY)

PRINT EDITION                                                                     DIGITAL EDITION

To Find nearest news-stand: Click Here                          To Subscribe: Click Here

To Subscribe: Click Here                                                     To Buy Single Copy: Click Here

To Order Single Copy by Courier: Click Here


Open Source For You

PRINT EDITION                                                                     DIGITAL EDITION

To Find nearest news-stand: Click Here                           To Subscribe: Click Here

To Subscribe: Click Here                                                      To Buy Single Copy: Click Here

To Order Single Copy by Courier: Click Here

Electronics Bazaar

PRINT EDITION                                                                     DIGITAL EDITION

To Subscribe: Click Here                                                      To Subscribe: Click Here

To Order Single Copy by Courier: Click Here                   To Buy Single Copy: Click Here[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Why Publications?” tab_id=”1505969316212-d56216c5-8ba2″][vc_column_text]

“Web helps you find what you need to know. Publications help you discover what you don’t know, but need to know”

– EFY’s Editorial Team’s Content Philosophy

With the rising use of Internet, we are often asked—why should anyone read a publication? Our answer is simple…

Internet is a great medium to find information on a subject you are interested in. A publication on the other hand remains your best option to discover those subjects that you are unaware about, but are worthy of your attention.

Publications, like other ‘broadcast’ mediums offer the following advantages:

  • Research: Journalists interact with industry and experts to find out important trends, so you don’t have to
  • Selection: Given limited pages, a panel of experts select the best content for you—so you get to see only the most important and relevant information
  • Convenience: The content comes to you—you don’t have to search for it
  • No Hidden Costs: You don’t have to pay any additional expenses like bandwidth charges or registration fee
  • Save Time: Overall, the entire value proposition is about expertise, time saving and convenience