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Hall of Fame: EFY Design Contest 2013

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EFY Design Contest 2013: Hall of Fame

The Electronics For You Design Contest is a contest for electronics engineers, and features India’s biggest electronics design awards. The contest is also one of the most ‘Open’ Design contests in the world, as there are no restrictions on the type of technology used or the type of applications developed. The aim is to recognise the world’s best talent in electronics design.

The Awards

The awards for the EFY Design Contest 2013 were divided into three broad categories and various sub-categories. The broad categories were:

1. Open Innovation Awards with four sub-categories and three levels — a total of 12 awards

2. Special Category Awards with five sub-categories and two levels — a total of 10 awards

3. Next Top 30 Awards



These awards were not bound by any restrictions. Contestants could select any application and any technology for their entries. A total of 12 awards were given, with the first, second and third prize being decided for each category of participants.


First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Best Designs By Professionals ₹50000 ₹30000 ₹20000
Best Designs By Organisations ₹50000 ₹30000 ₹20000
Best Designs By Academic Institutions ₹25000 ₹15000 ₹10000
Best Designs By Students ₹25000 ₹15000 ₹10000



These awards were given for design of a specific application (e.g., best rural application design) or a specific technology (ex: best design using Raspberry Pi or Mango Pi). Here, there are two awards in each category–one award is for professionals and organisations, and the other is for academic institutions and students.

Award #1 (Professionals or Organisations) Award #1 (Academic Institutions or Students)
Best Internet of Things Project ₹20000 ₹10000
Best Rural Application Project ₹20000 ₹10000
Best LED Lighting Project ₹20000 ₹10000
Best Mango Pi/Raspberry Pi Project ₹20000 ₹10000
Best Open Source Project ₹20000 ₹10000


The next best 30 designs were given a special certificate for their design, and a cash
award of Rs 5,000 each.

OIA: Open Innovation Awards, DbP: Design by Professionals, DbS: Design by Students,
SCA: Special Category Awards, m/r pi: Mango/Raspberry Pi, T30D: Top 30 Designs


Open Innovation Awards Category: Designs by Professionals
(Individual Participant)
2nd Position: BUTANI RAVI CHANDULAL (Individual Participant) 3rd Position: Kaustubh Tapke
Project: An advanced home signal warning system
for train protection
Project: Smart SOS system Project: Fabric management system

What is it?

A project for railway systems and their protection, based on Renesas GR-Sakura, GNSS with SBAS and GSM-GPRS/3G/4G


What is it?

This project involves designing a Renesas Rx63 MCU based fool proof integrated system for detecting vehicle impact/crash/Fire/ Flood and activating an emergency response facility with crash location information using GPS/GSM. The same system can be used for stolen vehicles and as a data logger.


What is it?

FMS (Fabric Management System) measures and keeps a record of the fabric weaved by a power loom. It can keep a record of the length of the fabric, the time when it was weaved and the ID of the worker operating the loom.


Open Innovation Awards Category: Designs by Students
1st Position: Samyak M Machale (Team Participant) 2nd Position:Gajendra Singh Tanwar 3rd Position: Tanmay Vinay Shinde (Team Participant)
Project: Virtual programming logic device Project: AVIM Sparsh Project: Humanoid robot

What is it?

The device is a a micro-controller based testing and debugging system. It deals with minimising the cost, time and efforts involved in product development of digital circuits. It aims to provide a feasible and portable GUI based alternative over conventional testing methods, with enhanced functionality and flexibility.


What is it?

Augmented visual human-computer interface (AVIM-Sparsh) is a project that falls under the category of human computer nteraction which uses both hardware design and software applications.


What is it?

This is a design of Humanoid and drone hybrid for neutralising threats and surveillance


Special Category Awards Category: IoT
1st Position: J.Binu (Individual Participant) 2nd Position: Souradeep Mukherjee (Team Participant) 2nd Position: N. Ramanshankar (Team Participant)
Project: Home automation for aged and disabled Project: Labview farm automation Android Project: Border alert system for fishermen

What is it?
The project allows the aged and disabled to control six devices, open/lock the door and feel
secure through security systems.


What is it?
A remote-controlled robot equipped with a robotic arm and a wireless camera, whose operation will be controlled by an Android application through LabVIEW to make the task of the farmer easier by using the various tools of the robot.


What is it?
Boundary alert system for fishermen using GPS and a programmed micro-controller.



Special Category Awards Category: Lighting
1st Position: RAGHAVENDRA S.H.(Team Participant) 2nd Position: SAIGOPAL R.M. (Individual Participant)
Project: Remote controlled efficient lighting Project: LED-based HS1H4 automobile headlamp with anti-glaring pass signal

What is it?
An optimal room lighting set-up that is remotely controllable, thus ensuring improved and uniform illumination throughout the room and enabling considerable energy conservation at the same time.


What is it?
A headlamp that is capable of providing illuminated and focused high beam and anti-glaring low beam similar to halogen lamps and can replace them in their existing slots without any modifications.


Special Category Awards Category: Mango Pi/Raspberry Pi
1st Position: Mahendra Dobariya (Team Participant) 2nd Position: Amutha Bharathi M (Individual Participant)
Project: i-Home Hybrid Project: Smiley Pi

What is it?
i-HOME hybrid is a project which, as its name describes, is made with different kinds of modules
and sensors that take care of everything in a home or office—from switching to security, controlling to automation, and monitoring to safety. i-home can be used in a home and in a township.


What is it?
A multi-purpose status notifier add-on for Raspberry Pi


Winner Project
Gajendra Singh Tanwar Avatar
Abhinav Saksena Roshni-indoor navigation system
Pavithra S A Pupil hacker
Joji John Varghese Smart wearable device
R Deepak Kumar Intelligent shopping assistance
Niket Agarwal Armed spy robotic vehicle
Ashish Yadav Vending machine
Akshay Kumar Dekate Power glove
Subodh Ashok Bansode Pressure control system for AIS
Aatish Chandak Autobot
Tavish Naruka Smart Wi-Fi speakers
S.R. Karthik Raja Fault analyser for rotary machines
Shine P Sunny Human ridable self-balancing unicycle
N Raghuchandra Robotic wheelchair
K. Nirish Patil Portable digital inclinometer
Abdeali J Kothari Omni-directional robot
S.R. Karthik Raja BL-enabled flash drive
Abdeali J Kothari Motor controller
Jaspreet Singh Hand vision
Chirag M.O. Automation in power distribution
Akshay Kumar Dekate AutoCAP
Phani Chakravarthi Tanneru Robot arm controlled with PS/2
Avinash chakravarthi Tweet 2 display
Sandeep Singh R. Tracking and checking cargo
Parth Bhadreshbhai Panchal Wireless hand transciever
Mayur Vitthal Shelke Automated gas control
N Abid Ali Khan GPS-less Public bus tracker
Kartar Kaur Erasobot
Abdeali J Kothari Differential curve tracing
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