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Q : What does ESDC stand for?
A : ESDC stands for EFY Skill Development Centre.

Q : How can ESDC help students?
A : Students will be able to do more hands-on work through self-learning kits provided to an ESDC. Besides, through EFY magazine, webinars and online courses they will be able to understand the emerging technologies better.

Q : How can we register with you as an ESDC?
A : You will have to sign a detailed MoU, which mentions all the terms and conditions. Please check on our website

Q : How much does it cost to register?
A : It will cost INR 150,000 (one lakh rupees) + GST for the first year

Q : Does one need to renew after one year? If so, how much will it cost?
Yes, an ESDC is registered for one year to begin with. In subsequent years, the terms and fees can be revised as per requirement.

Q : What does one get in return for the registration fee?
A : The following products and services would be provided by EFY:

(i).       Certification of the ESDC by EFY and a visit to the ESDC at mutual convenience.
(ii).       2. 50 copies of Electronics For You monthly magazine for the ESDC each month for one year.
(iii).       Access to 10 digital subscriptions of Electronics For You magazine (called e-Zine) for one year
(iv).       Access to 10 different online courses related to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IoT, etc which can be attended to by 10 students, each. EFY will certify those 10 students for their participation. Additional persons can join and get certificates by paying Rs 500 each.
(v).       Access to 10 students for monthly webinars on different topics with certification. Additional persons can join and get certificates by paying Rs 500 each.
(vi).       Self-learning kits, development boards, electronics components, books, etc for the ESDC.
(vii).       Students can send their best projects for publication, subject to approval by EFY’s editorial team. On publication, the students will get a small honorarium amount as per EFY’s policy at that time.

Q : Do students need to send back the kits to EFY?
A : No, all kits and components will remain with the ESDC only.

Q : What will be the procedure if college wants to purchase additional kits?
A : EFY will be glad to provide additional requirements at discounted price.

Q : What all can be ordered from EFY?
A : We provide printed books, e-books, magazines, webinars, online courses, electronics components, development boards, lab equipment, self-learning DIY kits, and more. In nutshell, we try to be a one-stop shop for all the requirements of an institute’s Electronics & Communication Deptt.

Q : What technical support will EFY provide?
A : EFY will provide off-site technical support for all their products such as DIY kits, webinars and online courses. However, EFY will not be able to provide any technical assistance for products and projects that are not supplied by EFY.