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Digital Marketing Certificate Programme

Let Us Bridge the Gap between Your Education, Passion and Your Future Job

Gain the marketing skills you need to get hired by global technology companies in electronics, embedded, SaaS and IoT. We offer limited seats for each batch of our fully managed, educational, remote training sessions that boost student employability.
What’s more? You can apply for a partial scholarship of ₹50,000 by attempting this exam.


Instructor • Rahul Chopra
Director @ EFY Group

Instructor • Dilin Anand
Senior VP @ EFY Group • Director @ Ananda Vak

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Get upskilled with capabilities that professional marketers use

Get hands-on experience solving real-world business marketing problems

Get your own shareable portfolio of successful B2B Tech Marketing projects

Work on live campaigns sharing ad spends of ₹10,00,000 over the course period

Ability to develop dependability and trustworthiness for self, amongst peers and seniors



Content Marketing

Data / Analytics






Design Skills

Excel Proficiency

Influencer Marketing 


Email Marketing


Google Adwords

PowerPoint Design

The Goal

The focus of this course is to up-skill you with marketing capabilities to help real businesses. The work you do will be on solving real-world business problem.

The results you achieve will form a shareable portfolio of successful B2B Tech Marketing projects that you have executed.

At the end of the certificate program, a career coach will support your job search by helping you with your CV, LinkedIn profile, and interview preparation as well as salary negotiation. (Note: We do not apply for jobs on your behalf). EFY will also directly hire the best performers in each batch.

The Curriculum

Our team curates a curriculum balance based on your personality type, that helps you learn the most in-demand skills in marketing so that you can get a great job.

During our full-time 12-month program, you’ll develop your marketing skills, learn new tools, work on live projects and improve the soft skills you need to excel.

  • Work Focused Training
  • Real-World Projects
  • Assessments Assistance
  • A fully digital experience
  • Personalised Curriculum Balance
The Tools You’ll Learn
  • All graduates are guaranteed placement.
  • Start a new career after completing this course
  • Gain the marketing skills you need to get hired by global companies in electronics, software and IoT
  • Toppers from each batch get hired directly into EFY
Shareable Certificate
  • Earn a Certificate upon completion
100% online courses

  • Start instantly and from the safety of your own home.
    • No degree or prior experience is required, but recent graduates with 0-2 years of experience are preferred.
    • Enthusiasm for social media, proficiency in English, and basic internet navigation skills are required.


  • Approximately 12 months to complete
  • Classes will be run 5 days each week.

Fees: ₹ 300,000 plus GST

Apply now:


Educational Qualification (Under Graduate)

Educational Qualification (Post Graduate)

Work Experience

Payment Details


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• Understand core principles of Marketing

• Ability to understand the marketing goals of a client

• Setup a WordPress website from scratch.

• Customise a WordPress website to suit client goals.

• Master the science and art of developing landing pages.

• Master forms on popular platforms to capture data (Google Form)

• Master art & science of using tools like Alexa and SEMRush to analyse any website to understand its strength and weakness

• Master art & science of identifying the right keywords to promote for client campaigns

• Develop creatives (with help of designer) for client campaign

• Develop creatives yourself using popular online tools (ex: Canva, etc)

• Master popular email platforms like MailJet and GetResponse to shoot emails to a targeted database

• Develop copy and images for Emailers to generate results client goals

• Master Facebook’s advertising platform, and execute successful ad campaigns

• Master Google Ads platform, and execute successful ad campaigns on Google Search, Display and YouTube

• Master LinkedIn’s advertising platform, and execute successful ad campaigns

• Master the art and science of SEO and implement it on a website resulting in an increase in traffic




  • • SEO
    • Digital Advertising
    • Social Media Marketing
    • WordPress
    • Content Marketing
    • User Experience
    • Project Management Tool



  • • How Search Engines Work
  • • Link Building
  • • Local SEO
  • • On-Page SEO
  • • Technical SEO
  • • SEO Audit
  • • Live Project



  • • Google Ads (Search + Display + Video)
    • Facebook & Instagram Business Manager
    • LinkedIn Campaign Manager
    • Live Project
    • LPO (Landing Page optimization)
    • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
    • Competitive Analysis (SEMrush, Google trend)
    • Remarketing or Retargeting



  • • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • Reddit
    • Snapchat
    • Twitter
    • Youtube
    • TikTok
    • Quora
    • Live Project



  • • Copywriting
    • User Experience
    • Aesthetics Basics
    • Picking the right KPIs
    • Partnering with Media and PR
    • Live Project



  • • Full-stack marketing project



Entrance Test (Language + Aptitude)

THE Fees

₹ 300,000 plus GST


Interview + Personality test


LIMITED TO 10 applicants FOR each batch.


Get scholarships (25%) for the top 2 in each batch based on results​​

Will you get certified?

Upon successfully completing this certificate program, you’ll earn a Digital Marketing Certificate from EFY Group, which will add considerable value to your professional credentials.

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Digital Marketing certificate

Frequently Asked Questions


Brilliant question. Yes, EFY was and still is a media company focusing on TECH. We publish magazines, websites and conduct events—both offline and online. But, to promote all these products and services we have been forced to master the art of Marketing and the science of Digital Marketing since 2005—the early days of eCommerce, when we started accepting online payments for subscriptions.

Now, we have a dedicated team of professionals who execute highly sophisticated “response guaranteed” digital marketing campaigns for our clients, which include leading MNCs such as Texas Instruments, VICOR, Microchip, Keysight, IBM. Plus, they continue to promote our products and services. 

Our own digital assets are a testimony to their capabilities: (India’s #1 electronics website), (Asia’s #1 open source website), a Facebook community of 1 million+ followers, LinkedIn groups and pages with 50K+ followers.

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in building a career in Digital Marketing in the B2B or technology industry.

This course has been planned for a duration of 12 months.

Students will be expected to attend classes and work with team members from 10 am to 5 pm (IST) daily—just like a regular office.

The course has been planned to be similar to students working as trainees in an office setup. Hence, while the weekends are off on paper, if there are deadlines or assignments, then you will be expected to finish them irrespective of timings and weekends.

When it comes to knowledge and expertise, we believe in Vedanta’s definition, which is:

True Knowledge = Information + Understanding + Experience

Most of the on-demand courses offer Information. Some, through support and online tests, may motivate understanding

But, for Experience, you need to work on real-life projects in a real-life work environment. That’s what our course offers. It’s designed as a real-life on-the-job training experience. You will be working on real projects, with a real supervisor, real clients and real colleagues. Your work and your behaviour will be appraised by your peers and seniors, like in real-life. Nutshell: by the time you end this course, not only would you have mastered digital marketing skills but also how to work in a work-from-anywhere organisation, and deal with peers, seniors and clients.

It will be limited to 10 students.

This being our 1st batch–so we want to make sure that we don’t over-commit our resources. We may expand the size of future batches.

Plus, by restricting the size we can be choosy about the students we on-board. That’s why we even have an online admissions test to ensure we don’t onboard students who don’t have the aptitude or interest to pass through this course.

You will need a decent laptop, a good internet connection, a headset for meetings and calls. And access to a credit or debit card to make payments for some services (not exceeding Rs 10,000/US$ 150 over the entire duration) so that you know how to pay and get things done, by yourself. What we don’t want is–your future employer asks you to set up a WordPress website, and you go, “Sorry, but I have never set up an actually paid WordPress website. The institute taught me to work on Free ones only”!

Simple answer: the final product of this training is something we need ourselves. 

Yes! We need savvy digital marketers to help us execute projects for our clients, and our own products and services. 

We are well versed with the gaps in the training of candidates we interview, despite them having been trained.

We are also very well aware of what skill sets are needed, which ones are a bonus, and which ones are frivolous.


A certificate programme does not require recognition by any central or state government. Our course is structured such that successful students will develop such a rich portfolio of work that they will be immediately hired on completion of the course.

If you are able to pass the course, then you will be awarded a Certificate for Fluency in Marketing & Digital Marketing. However, you will have to learn and master many skill sets, and then deliver successful projects to be able to earn the degree.

Yes. You’re paying to be taught and trained. You’re not paying for the Certificate. The certificate will be handed to only deserving students who can deliver the results.

Digital marketing is one of the hottest career options right now. With increasing dependence on digital marketing, and an expanding array of platforms and tools to do digital marketing, demand for professionals who understand marketing, and can use the latest platforms and tools to do marketing digitally—is increasing dramatically. If you are able to pass this course and succeed in your assignments, then you can expect a career in the field of digital marketing.

Going by current industry standards, freshers in Digital Marketing can expect a starting in-hand salary ranging between 20K to 30K per month. However, if your portfolio of work is brilliant, you may be hired for much more.

Our course will ensure that you have practical knowledge and experience in executing Digital Marketing without having to depend on anyone. You will have the ACTUAL experience of executing digital marketing plans and have a portfolio of work to demonstrate your abilities—including feedback from clients. In simpler words, employers will have the confidence that once they hire you—they don’t need to train you on Digital Marketing. You will get it done for them.

There are hardly any degrees that guarantee jobs. But, what our certificate guarantees, if you are able to earn one, is that you will have a solid portfolio of work that you will be able to show to prospective employers, and get hired. This portfolio of work will not be dummy work but actual digital marketing projects executed for actual clients.

Sorry, the fee is payable in full at the start of the course.

We are not sure about that. You will have to check with your bank. You can, however, pay online via credit card and convert the payment into an EMI if your card offers that facility.

Our headquarters are in New Delhi at D-87/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 1, New Delhi 110020. However, being a digital-oriented curriculum, this institution is truly digital and will have faculty and students log in from different locations.

It’s brand new. It was launched in 2021 after realising that there is a huge gap between the skill sets the industry needs, and what’s being offered right now. EFY, the company behind this institute, is over 50 years old.

Yes, those who are not hired by other firms within three months of course completion will get the option to be hired by EFY. But, it will be up to them to join EFY or any other firm they may want to join.

Our training is designed on the lines of on-the-job training. Hence, as you get trained, you will be assigned LIVE projects to work on. Initially, you will get projects related to EFY’s own products and services. Once you demonstrate success, then you will be assigned to LIVE projects of our clients under the supervision of our experienced team members.


As you work on these projects, you will be developing a long list of actions, creatives, strategy notes–all of which will get listed in your online portfolio. 


And, if your work is truly remarkable, you might get feedback from clients too, which will be the perfect inclusion in your portfolio.

Start a solid career in technology marketing.

Take the first step and apply now.