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Sr. Copy Editor

Position: Sr. Copy Editor

Experience: 2.5 – 5 Years | Location: Okhla Ph-1

Why Should Anyone Apply for This Role?

  • Do you have strong English communication skills including good spelling and grammar?
  • Do you have a meticulous approach to your work and an eye for detail?
  • Do you understand Journalism & news reporting or content writing?

IF YES, then this could be the JOB you are seeking.

Job GOAL –

You’re responsible to check over writers’ final drafts to ensure they’re free of errors. You also make sure the writing is easy to read and fits the publication’s editorial style.

Your Job Role is – Develop RemarkABLE error Free content for Print properties of EFY Group to attract the right target audience and help us grow our audience

What are the Challenges in the Role?

  1. Copy Editing -fixing any grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors
  2. Check text to ensure it is well written and logically structured
  3. Correct grammar and spelling
  4. Ensure the text is in line with our ‘Style Sheet’
  5. Contributing to the contents through compilation of news sections and non-technical articles like Buyers’ Guide or DIY for eStyle section.
  6. Getting the paginated articles checked by their contributors also well in time and incorporating valid corrections or changes suggested by them.
  7. Improving the content, where possible, through better headings, illustrations/photos and their captions (winning readers’ appreciation).
  8. Deciding which articles should go in each issue, and which ones can be held back, in consultation with your colleagues, for each month’s dummy.

What’s Expected From the Candidate in Terms of Skill Sets & Experience?

  1. An understanding of Copy Editing & journalism, and a flair for writing on the same.
  2. Outstanding English communication/Language skills
  3. Outstanding Copy Editing Skills
  4. Openness and eagerness to learn
  5. Ability to handle work pressure and deadlines
  6. should be a systematic person with multi-tasking capabilities


Share your resume at [email protected] and please mention –

  • Why we should consider YOU for this role as the ideal candidate for this position?


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