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SURVEY: Indian Electronics Industry’s Current Scenario

Our team spoke to 600-plus clients of Electronics For You to understand their ‘current scenario’ due to the pandemic. These interactions happened between mid of October till end of November 2020. Here’s what they discovered…

36% Un-affected. 64% Affected Badly.


RESULT: 16.3%: Up | 20%: Same | 58.1%: Down | Rest: Super Down |

While 64% said business was down or super-down (or worse), 20% said it was Up and 16.3% said it had grown on a YoY basis!

Sales from home, office or in the field?

RESULT: 74.7% from office | 23.4% from home | Rest from Field |

Majority (74.7%) have their sales team working from office. Very few (1.4%) have their sales team on the field. And, the a considerable amount (24.7%) are still allowing their sales team to work from home!

Any change in product-mix?

RESULT: 41.2%: changed product mix | 56.3%: no change | Rest: Unsure |

Quite a significant percentage (41.2%) have either launched new product categories or reduced some products. The rest had no change or were still awaiting clarity from the top.

Like to read Electronics For You?

RESULT: 91.5% like to read EFY regularly | 4.3%: if time permits | 2.3% Don’t Read | Rest: Not Read Recently |

Wow! 91.5% like to read Electronics For You–we’re grateful and blessed. The rest–we hope to win them over, soon.

Ever visited an Online-Only Expo?

RESULT: 59.8%: No | 20.5%: EFY’s India Tech Week | 8.8%: ITW and others | 10.2%: Other event only |

With almost-60% respondents not having visited any expo yet, there is clearly a lot of room for organisers of online-only events (like EFY) to cover. Thankfully, EFY’s India Technology Week emerged as #1 event (29.3%) having visited it.

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