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Assistant Product Manager, Inside Sales (Electronics Vertical)

Position: Assistant Product Manager, Inside Sales (Electronics Vertical)
Location: Gurgaon (DLF Phase-1) | Experience: 0.5 yrs. to 3 yrs
Industry Preference – Only from core Electronic Industry (ESDM Sector)
Communication Skills – Looking for Exceptional English Communication Skills

This role is focused on Inside Sales which includes research, finding prospects and lead generation.

Job Goal:

  • GROW YOUR PRODUCT: Focus efforts on selling and marketing your product to ensure a minimum of 25% growth YoY basis
  • Focus efforts on generating a list of PERFECT prospects to be tapped by Sales Team and Self, resulting in the generation of inquiries

Why Should Anyone Apply for This Role?

  • Do you have a good understanding of Electronics Industry and ecosystem?
  • Do you have experience in Inside Sales / Lead Generation?
  • Is growing product revenue numbers & chase them Interest You?

If yes, we would like to meet you!

What’s the Opportunity for the Candidate?

  • EFY GROUP: We are India’s leading Tech & Electronics Media group, having 50 years of legacy
  • This role comes with an opportunity to lead the Product and a team in future
  • Opportunity to work under experience sales mentors

What are the Challenges in the Role? 

  • Research – The biggest Challenge is to Understand Client Product / their Sales & Marketing Challenges & Consult them on the Correct & best Marketing Solution. Research and prepare a perfect prospect list who can benefit from YOUR product.
  • Finding the Lead – Find out the concerned person & connect with them to explain our services. Interact with prospects (NEW and EXISTING Clients) through telecom and digital.
  • Develop opportunities for the Solution Experts (sales team) to interact with your list of prospects so that their Need Analysis can be done, and YOUR product can be sold.
  • Help the Client in creating Positive image & to grow their business through our Marketing solutions
  • Share updates with your PROSPECTS–including developments at EFY, tips, best practices, ideas, etc–which would make them value YOUR relationship.
  • Achieve Targets in terms of – number of Interactions, and number of perfect prospects

Major Tasks:

  • Research to develop list of prospects for self and Sales team
  • Client interaction—Telecon, Videocon, face-to-face (Lead Generation)
  • Develop communication material and strategies communication strategy for best results
  • Develop, monitor and manage lists through which you can deliver value to customers: complimentary lists.
  • Conduct surveys and feedback exercises to understand customers, their goals and their expectations from us.

What’s Expected From the Candidate in Terms of Skill Sets & Experience?

  • At least 6 months of experience in Sales role
  • Sound Knowledge of core Electronic Industry. Working experience in ESDM sector is preferred.
  • Passion for Inside Sales or Lead Generation
  • Engineering degree (Electronics) is a bonus, but most Important is Understanding of Electronics components and ESDM Sector.
  • Should have High-Value Presentation skills
  • Should have Excellent Communication skills (English)


Share your resume at [email protected] and please mention –

  • Why we should consider YOU for this role as the ideal candidate for this position?

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