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  1. DISTRACTION FREE: Online is filled with distractions. Be it popping ads or alerts on your device–maintaining FOCUS is one of the biggest challenges when reading on a digital device. Print offers a focused environment to read, and it’s more natural for most humans.

  2. LOOSE FOCUS: In the online world, you may begin with “Innovations in Chip Manufacturing”, but you can easily shift to “Why Tom Cruise Has Become Fat” with a click or two. Print does not offer such conveniences and hence makes it difficult for you to loose focus.

  3. THE MEDIUM: Research confirms that our ability to be involved and focus on content improves with increased involvement of our senses. Online content typically connects with our sense of vision. While print involves touch, vision and often the smell of the paper and ink. And involvement of these senses in turn mean–a more relaxed and engaged consumption of content.

  4. EASY TO READ: In an online medium, you have to click to view images and tables, and then zoom them to see them clearly. One often looses the flow. A print publication, on the other hand, shows all information in the right order with images and tables placed next to (or near to) referring text. Overall, print makes it easier to digest info–however complex it is.

  5. KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T: One of the biggest challenges we face is “knowing what we should, but don’t.” Since, we don’t know about it, we can’t even search for it. For example, if there’s a recent policy that can affect your business, and you’re not aware of it, you will never Google it. But if someone did inform you about it, you could use the Web to get any additional info . Thanks to the “collect, select, edit and then publish” model followed by print, you end up getting to know a lot of such critical info.

  6. MOTIVATION TO UPGRADE: Once a magazine lands on your doorstep, especially the one you have paid for, you have a nagging compulsion to go through it–and extract your return-on-investment. This keeps your up-to-date with the latest. The online world exerts no such pressure.

  7. NO CONTENT MARKETING: In the online world, one oftens gets attracted by content which seems to be useful but after browsing through it, you realise that it’s nothing but a  biased promot. Print publications, atleast those that follow media ethics, make sure to design and designate promotional content differently from editorial–so you are always aware of what you’re reading.

  8. NO PESKY ads: Thanks to technology, the online world keeps coming up with innovative ways to get you to notice advertisements. Print medium has no such luxury. You are always aware of the advertisements and can choose to skip without getting distracted from the content.

  9. SAVE TIME: Thanks to the distraction free, focused enviroment provided by print–you are able to save a lot of time.

  10. PERSONALISED ADVISOR: In the online world, you decide what content to consume and which one to skip. Thus “Know what you don’t” is a major challenge. In print publications, the journalists and editors act as your personal staff. They review a large volume of content, select the most significant ones and publish in an easy-to-ready manner. Thus, the publication acts like your personal advisor.

  11. BEST R-O-I: While online seems to be free, or cheaper, if you add the cost of your own time (and factor the time that gets wasted due to distractions) and value of important information, you realise that print offers the best return-on-investment.

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