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11 Reasons why you should NOT opt
for EFY’s Journalism Course…

  • 1. You won’t get too many theory classes. Most of this journalism training will be on the job. At times you may be wondering if you are being trained or working in a job.
  • 2. You won’t be taught by professors and lecturers! Only experienced journalists who will be giving you assignments and rating you on your work.
  • 3. We don’t even give you a PC or a laptop! You will have to bring your own laptops to the class. We aren’t giving any devices.
  • 4. You like old-school tools. Hate technology? You are not interested in discovering latest technology tools and platforms for journalism or tech writing? Then we will be the wrong place to be trained at.
  • 5. Looking for a cheap institute. We are expensive. We charge Rs 1.5 lakhs (plus service tax) for this one year training.
  • 6. No Discounts! If you select institutions based on the percentage of discount they offer—we won’t suit you. We offer ZERO PERCENT discount on our fee.
  • 7. You want a short-term training. 12 months of your life is what we need to train you, and get desired results from you. We can’t offer anything shorter.
  • 8. Our diploma and our certificates are not affiliated to any university or government body! Our course is a hands-on course and covers the latest aspects that industry needs—there is no university that has such a course.
  • 9. Diploma is not guaranteed. You won’t get a diploma by simply paying the fee and attending our classes. You will need to score a minimum 70 percent to get the diploma.
  • 10. No experience on Expensive software. We won’t be teaching you on expensive or proprietary software. We will be teaching you on Open Source software that does not cost us a bomb.
  • 11. You don’t know us. You are not sure if we (publishers of Electronics For You) are trustworthy enough to actually impart the training. We might  just run away with your money. Despite being in the tech media industry since 1969, the risk is always there!!

NUTSHELL: You will be working in a LIVE media environment and instead of us paying you a stipend, we will be charging you training fees!

TIP: If you do NOT realise the creativity in the above note, you should not apply for our training. You won’t get it!


  • 1. Your English is weak. Our entire training is English based and aims to create quality professionals in the field of tech journalism and writing. However, it’s imperative that our students are well versed in English, as that is not something we are trained to teach. We will test all students on their written English and only those that make the cut will be given admission.
  • 2. You don’t have an interest in Technology. Our entire training is about communicating about technology and using technology for communicating. If technology does not excite you as a subject, you are bound to fail our training. It’s best you save your time and money.

If you are still interested in this training, please click here to register. We will review your details and call you, if you seem to fit our expectations for further review.

Why Get Trained from EFY?

Many institutes offer similar courses. Some have lower pricing. Some have great facilities. So, WHY should you consider getting yourself trained from ‘snooty’ folks like us?

We are not comfortable praising ourselves. That is why we were happier telling you “Why You Should NOT Get Trained from Us” . But, some genuine discussions with a few parents and applicants forced us to put this list together. We hope that this list will help you in taking an informed decision…

Our primary objective is NOT to generate revenues from training. You fee is only to compensate for expenses and investments that will go into training you. Our primary objective is to make you a ‘productive’ professional as soon as possible.

Since we have no “trainers” or “faculty”–you will be trained by only experienced professionals who actually doing the things they will train you on.

We have developed world’s leading social media communities on Facebook. We manage two tech communities on Facebook that we believe are #1 in their respective categories. These two communities combined have 1.3 million followers!

We have developed many media websites ourselves and know how it can be done with ease. Few examples of our websites are:, etc.

We have experience in creating a dedicated Video channel on Youtube and Vimeo.

We have shot, edited and published over 500 tech videos on the web.

Each of Our feature journalists, on an average, research and produce 7 stories every month for our magazines and websites.

Every week we manage and publish 300-plus press releases.

Our publications reach out to over 1 million readers annually.

Our online properties connect with over 4 million viewers annually.

Touchwood! We are not dependent on VC funding for development of our online properties. We believe that we understand the basic dynamics of web-publishing business and can share the same with you.

Last but the most important aspect, our training programme is designed such that–a lot of work done by you during the training would be published–and would be the best proof of your capabilities.

TIP: Please ensure that you also read ‘Why You Should Not Get Trained from Us’. That document is our attempt to ensure that there are NO wrong commitments from our side or expectations at your end that we cannot meet.

Interested in our training, please click here to register? We will review your details and call you, if you seem to fit our expectations for further review.


In traditional institutes, these might be listed under “curriculum”.

Getting the Fundamentals Right

  • What are the different forms of stories that are popular in print and online media?
  • What is the difference between B2C and B2B journalism? How do you handle these different types of content as a journalist?
  • What is the difference between desk-based and field-based stories, and how to successfully do both of them?
  • What is a PR Agency? Why is it an important ally for journalists?
  • What are the Do’s and Don’ts for dealing with PR agencies?
  • How do you connect and engage with experts to take their knowledge to your readers?
  • How to write good copy?
  • What are the golden elements of a typical story on the web or print and how to implement them in your stories?
  • What is the importance of a deadline in journalism? How to plan and organise yourself to do quality job within deadline.
  • How to attend industry or press events? What are the Do’s and Dont’s for the same?
  • How to be ‘remarkable’ and do ‘remarkable’?
  • What is the right way to do desk-based research before you start talking and meeting experts?
  • How to use EMAIL effectively in a work environment?
  • How to dress right for the role and the occasion?

The Power Of Technology

  • How to make your own pages on social media communities [facebook, twittter, LinkedIn, etc]?
  • How to create and manage  groups and forums on social media communities?
  • How can you create your own web-portal in a couple of days using simple and inexpensive content management system like WordPress?
  • How to promote your website (product or brand) using social media?
  • Why and how to create your own channel on Youtube, and then promote it to build a targeted audience?
  • How to do paid marketing through Internet and Social Media Platforms?
  • How to measure their Return-on-Investment?
  • How to improve their Return-on-Investment?
  • What is SEO? What is the right SEO and the wrong SEO?
  • How to write content or build websites that are SEO friendly?
  • How to shoot, edit and stream videos on the Web?
  • What is LIVE Streaming? How to do it in the real-world?
  • How to get copy-right free images? How to modify and edit images?

Planning, Organising & Management

      • How to use spreadsheets and contact managers to maintain an updated list of your contacts?
      • Why and how to use Project Management Tools to plan and manage projects?
      • Why and how to plan your work on a daily and weekly basis?
      • How to use email to plan, assign, monitor and manage better?
      • How to plan and strategise a media property?
      • What is the strategic difference between print and online media?
      • What are the various revenue sources for print and online media? Which ones are within media ethics and which ones aren’t?
      • A totally hands-on journalism training that will enable you to communicate about technology, and use the right technology to communicate better.

Interested in our training, please click here to register? We will review your details and call you, if you seem to fit our expectations for further review.

If you do succeed in earning our DIPLOMA —what will you be CAPABLE of doing?

      • Be an entrepreneur! You will be armed with complete knowledge and training to start your own web-portal or a blog, and run it.
      • Be a technology journalist. You will be fully trained to be a good technology journalist and work for any form of media (web, print, TV, etc) and create content for them.
      • Be a tech writer. You will be fully trained on writing on technology-related topics and work for firms that hire tech writers for their technical writing departments or for tech firms which hire tech writers for their marketing departments.
      • Be a Web Marketer! This position is currently the flavour-of-the-season. Many firms are seeking personnel who know how to use Web to market their products and brands. You will be able to.

Interested in our training, please click here to register? We will review your details and call you, if you seem to fit our expectations for further review.


When will the training start?
We are aiming for 15th of September 2015  to start the training.

What is the number of students in each batch?
Minimum of 1 and maximum of 20 is what we are geared to handle. Nothing more, nothing less.

Is there any specific educational requirement for this course?
Not really. You could be a pass out from 12th or have 10 years of work experience—we are fine with both cases. However, you must have command over English language (written) and an avid interest in technology as a subject—that’s a must.

What are the timings for the training?
Timings for our training centre will be same as our office timings: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. However, assignments and projects may require you to stretch beyond office timings.

Would there be attendance?
Yes. And, it will be a factor in your final scores.

What about Holidays?
On a weekly basis, Saturdays and Sundays will be off. Plus, there will be 11 annual holidays. Lastly, like any other office, you will get a quota of 2 days of casual leave every month. Any additional leaves could affect your scores.

Where would the training center (office) be located?
In Gurgaon—near DLF phase 4.

How can I pay the fee?
The fee has to be paid in advance. You can pay it via cheque, DD or even online.

What is the duration of the course?
The training has been planned over a span of 12 months,

If there are no exams, is it possible for me to finish the course earlier?
Yes. If you finish and submit the complete set of assignments before 12 months—your training will get completed earlier.


Who should do this course?
Someone who is fascinated by the world of technology, likes to share his/her knowledge with others and has command over English language in writing.

What kind of jobs can we expect after doing this course?
Based on your interest and skill-sets, you can expect to develop strong skill-sets suitable for either of these roles?
1.       Technology Journalist
2.       Tech Writer
3.       Social Media Marketer
4.       Web-media Entrepreneur

Does EFY offer job placements?
No. We offer no “guaranteed” or “assisted” placements. But we are confident that students who will be able to earn their diploma—would have produced such good quality of work that getting a job would not be a challenge. In fact, you would most probably sitting with multiple offers before you exit.

For students coming from other cities—is there any provision for accommodation?
EFY does not provide any accommodation as part of this course. However, our team can help you find a rented or a PG accommodation nearby the training center.

Will there be any exams?
There will be NO theory exams per se. Marks will be awarded based on assignments. A 70 per cent or more ensures our Diploma Certificate.

I have work experience. But I now want to reskill myself. Can I apply for this course?
Yes, for sure. In fact, we expect a high percentage of students to be working professionals who would be joining our course to master a skill-set that can open doors for them to newer opportunities.

Are there any specific requirements with respect to my personal laptop that I need to get with me for training?
Your laptop should be capable of connecting over WiFi and running OpenOffice, Browser, Email and Image Editing software. If it can handle these—it will work at our center.