I get lot of information regarding current issues,technologies by reading EFY. I am reading EFY from last 22years. I also get valuable information regarding Electronics material dealers so that I can easily procure the material…..
Others will also get benefit reading EFY and get in touch with current information and will increase their technical knowledge. thats why I will recommend to read EFY…..

Arun Patole
Assistant ManagerDesign, Artech Welders Pvt Ltd

I like EFY because I find many homemade circuits in efy which are help full to make my free time to use full in home in making simple home applainces.

It is use full to the students who are having innovative ideas, and to bring it out. i recommend this book to students…

DE, Novacom Digitronics

I read EFY to know about the the latest trends and happenings in electronics in a lucid and interesting-to-read format. It’s easy avaiability, link to social web and reading pleasure…

Swarnava Dey

I read EFY  for getting ideas about the new technologies and various electronics systems. Useful information about various chips from leading manufacturers is given by experts. Every person can learn various fields by reading only posts on efy. From discussions on various topics gives solves various practical issues.

During discussion on some topic various important tips are given by experts.These topics are very much important for beginners. Please try to keep record of these topics and answers given bye experts, so that any beginner can access it. because to learn electronics thoroughly one should learn from basics, in this case advises of these people are important and time saving.

Pradip Magar
RD Engineer, Megatech power equipments Pvt. Ltd.