“Let me briefly introduce myself. I was from electronic field. Earlier in trading and later in manufacturing. I read EFY since its early days till early 2000′s. My earliest ad in EFY was in June 1982 for GLOBE brand and later in name of R C Technologies. EFY was most Useful for me and my business. I am 75 yr old and now in Canada. I still love EFY. It is my pleasure to again get connected with EFY through you. I wish many more glorious years for EFY and very bright future for you.”

Navin Mehta
Independent Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing Professional

EFY has information about the latest products and technology in electronics field. It is a famous magazine, so we can find anything about electronics in it. I also like the projects given in EFY…

People in electronics industry should constantly adapt to the changing technology. To be in touch with this, reading EFY is a very good method.

Chirag Pooniwala
Engineer, Ahura Bioelectronics

One of the interesting and informative magazine where Engineers can get a lot of knowledge on technology and latest trends in electronics. Good reading material for engineers of all levels.

Anand T.
CoFounder Managing Director, Knewron

I am an Electronics Hobbyist and an Electronics Engineer. I read EFY since the age of 14 as it gives me lot of new ideas and the latest trends in the field. Kudos to the good info and great work always given by EFY!!

I recommend this mag to all electronics enthusiasts.., as it is one of the best mags available in the industry and a must read publication… very simple to read and follow with lot of information, which you miss otherwise…

Manoj T K
Sr. Project Manager, IBM India